Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Sometimes, Blogger rules.

Oh man! MSN just kicked me offline while I was posting this! But then, with a lovely little link that says "Recover post" on the posting page in Blogger, everything I'd just lost came back. Yay! Now, on with the show.

One. One project on the needles. The wonderful yoked sweater that I can't knit fast enough. Why? Because I went on a sock spree this afternoon. I grew tired of resisting the Socks That Rock so voila'. I am a very weak woman. But come on. Look at these babies, aren't they gorgeous? Everytime the post man pulls up, I'll be hopping from foot to foot in impatience. Is that enough? Nope! Not when I have a gift card left over from Christmas and a free shipping coupon from Joann's. So all these are on their way to me as well. Yum.

I called and warned my beloved Husband about the charges on the card. He was fine with it all, but did mention in the very sweetest way, that there might be help for people who buy mass quantities of yarn. I didn't mention the Stash-a-long because he might expect something foolish, like me joining a Yarn Anonyonmous group. He IS glad I've not acted on my knitters' group knowledge of a local yarn store getting in a new shipment. The boy is going to have to get socks for his support of my addiction. I've never had to hide a single shopping bag of wool. :)

Thank you to everyone for the positive and sweet comments on my first lace shawl. I did a 'rough' block of it last night since I couldn't wait to get pins. Currently, it stretches from one end of our dining room table to the other. It'll be reblocked so the upper end won't seem as compressed. Mom is going to want it, Fry has already asked if it's for her, while Hubby is interested in what lace I'll do next, thinking he can give it to his mother. There's a tub of lace yarn in the living room, and I'm leaning toward the Rosy Fingers of Dawn. We'll have to see...

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ChelleC said...

I love love LOVE your STR yarn choices. The ones I bought several weeks ago were Hard Rock, Carbon and Ruby Slippers. All their colors are absolutely gorgeous. I love the ones you purchased. I still don't have my STR knit up. I started the Jaywalkers in Hard Rock - but have temporarily set them aside due to work on the Smile Sweater.

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