Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Pfffft, pfffft. Is this thing on?

I was going to post yesterday, but Blogger had issues. It seems to have a lot of issues, lately, but it's free, so I suppose server problems are the price we pay.

Oh my gosh! I had such fun on Saturday. Ok, so, driving to Lee's Summit was a pill. It snowed just enough to make the roads wet, but not enough to justify all the accidents. Tailgating was a bad idea, the vehicles did need the time to stop. But, once there, I met up with a great group of knitters, some of whom have left comments already. Chelle is a sweetheart, as is Jen, Mary, and Maenwyn. They're all really good knitters, too, which is a blast. The only tough part is having to skip some Saturdays. By this Saturday, I'll have finished reading A Good Yarn and can pass it off to someone else, plus, I'm hoping to have my yarn inventory started. I'd like to bring some chenille, Lion Brand, to see if anyone would want to make a Berroco purse as Jen did. Quite lovely, and I'm thinking the yarn I have is tan, forest green, and jewel tone purple, some solids and some multis. It's too pretty to toss, too tough for my beginners, and I don't like knitting with it, so it's a good candidate for a give-away.I also finished SON OF MITT!! Yay! Here the Mitt Duo is made of a lovely mix of various acrylic yarns, Red heart, most likely. They were customized from Vogue's little book of Mittens and Gloves Peruvian pattern. This was the only Nordic style mitt pattern I had at the time. They fit Fry perfectly for now (she's a growing girl), and have been worn already, as seen my a bit of scuff on the fingertips. The only horrible thing about them is that they tend to roll up at the cuff, since the garter stitch didn't have enough rows. I'll need to block the beejeebees out of them. Fry didn't wear them to school, happily because it's too warm today.

Maybe, but not likely, I can get some bulbs planted. The nice thing is, the crocuses and I think daffodils are coming up, so I'll know where NOT to plant. Something else is that I'll need to go to the Dollar store for red pepper flakes. They really work to deter the squirrels. It's fun to see them scamper up to the fresh tilled earth, sniff, then run away in pain. Not that I'm bitter or anything.

Now that Mitts are off the needles, I want to make a liner, seen here, for Fry's matching hat. This way it'll be warmer and fit better. In the background is the gray sweater, which I can't knit fast enough. I can't wait to get to the yoke. "Why, what is that lovely stuff in the background of the Mitt Duo?" you ask. "You didn't mention anything about lace," you also state...

It's THIS! Up close and personal! Right. Maybe I'm the only one excited about only having one more 'concentrated' row to knit in this section of the shawl. I did all the blue rows on Sunday, which is speedy for me. The shawl was tough, really tough, because it was my first. I can already tell that the next will be a whole lot faster. Good huh? Especially considering the bin full of lace yarn I have waiting for me in the living room.

What with the in-laws coming over and wisking off my Husband to help them get my sister-in-law's house ready to sell, the house is company clean. Except for the kitchen, since I did the big breakfast thing for them. (This is where Mom goes "All you do is throw cereal, milk and instant coffee at US." To which I reply, "Yes, but you KNOW how I am already, they don't." Buh wa ha ha ha haaaa)

Um, so anyway, with the house clean, I have no excuse, other than my still ongoing cold, to not do a yarn inventory. Cute computer program to record inventory? Check. Clean living room floor to sprawl yarn out on? Check. Motivation to make yarn room look like a yarn store? Check.

Before then, there's dishes to do and a nap to take. I know I know, only babies take naps, but yesterday was super busy and only sleep with cure my cold. Nap, dishes, laundry, knit lace... Yep, sounds like a plan to me!


ChelleC said...

Laura, the mittens and matching hat are lovely! And you might rush to get those done and the mittens blocked (if necessary) because the weather is turning cold again (and possibly snowy) starting tomorrow night. I think by Saturday, it's supposed to be REALLY cold (2 degrees the low).

Your lace is beautiful. Which shawl pattern are you using? I have the koigu yarn to make Charlotte's Web, but haven't made it yet. It's on my project list.

It was wonderful having you there at the Meetup last week. If the weather is nasty, though, or if you've got other things to do, just come when you can. We'll be happy to see you wheneve you are available. And we really appreciate your driving so far. Chelle

Stephanie said...

Love the mitts! I'm seeing lots of Fair Isle mittens pop up on people's blogs, making me want to do some too. What can I say - I succumb (sp?) to peer pressure very easily.

And thanks for the info on the princess letter thing! That sounds really cool - we'll have to check that out!

Jen said...

I really shouldn't look at other people's blogs because it just lengthens my to-do list. Love the mitts. Will stay tuned for the rest of the shawl.

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