Friday, February 03, 2006

Didn't I just buy yarn the other day?

Well, yeah, but this stuff was on sale. The top two with another hank of forest green will make a lovely purple grapevine scarf. Then the Noro Kruyeon is to be added to the cardigan that I need to start. The two sea green balls are for Goopa a pair of sock to match the ballet sweater I'll make her eventually. After that is Opal's color 19, which will be perfect for Interweave's Embossed leaves sock. The pattern has already been copied and put into my future projects notebook. This keeps the magazine from being beat all to heck.

Let's see, other news...

Yeah, your kid is smart, but mine is brilliant. How do I know this? She brought home a letter yesterday, inviting her to join in a Talent Identification Program from Duke University. This could all be a load of bunk, intended to get our money in exchange for a dubious award. To be considered, the student must have scored at the 90th percentile or higher on one of those achievement tests. Only four kids out of her class were invited to join the 'club'. I'll have to check it out before being too excited. I'm just thrilled that she's in the 90th percentile, since she really doesn't study and fret about schoolwork.

I'm very biased about my child, by the way. She's amazing and everyone in my very neutral family agrees. :D

Last night, I got home late enough to not knit on anything. In fact, I was so pooped, I went to bed at 11:00pm. Very early for me! See? I can't clean house today, I need to get caught up on my knitting goals.


Camie Vog said...

Congrats for Fry! It's good to see that there is recognition for an extrodinary person. It feels nice watching your kid thrive. Brilliance at its finest.

ChelleC said...

Very nice yarn you picked up. You hit the YS&More sale right? My mom went to the Knitcraft sale and walked out with quite a haul. I was tempted . . . but it was a choice this month between my car payment or the yarn, so this time I choose the car. Otherwise, I can't get to the knitting meetup right? I'll be there this Ssturday incidentally.

Laura said...

Hi Camie! I'd read your blog about how brilliant your own child is and laughed at my entry. The world is full of perfect children, just ask their mothers.

Chelle is right, I did hit YS& More in a big way. Choosing the car is good, I had the cash in my billfold, so I splurged. It's also gone, which is why I'm giving Knitcraft a miss, still today.

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