Monday, February 20, 2006

Blogger is a sad, strange little man...

I posted this originally on Saturday, so if it's a double entry, sorry about that. For some reason, Saturday's post will show up on my blog, but not in my management section. Chelle emailed me that she couldn't comment, so I'm thinking that's why. Blogger's servers aren't talking to each other. Whenever Bogger does their final system maintenance, Saturday's post will be either wiped or saved. After that, I'll either repost or delete the below drivel.

When did THAT happen? Mom and I were talking and Valentine's day snuck up on all of us. I'd bought cards for everyone in the family, and they're still here in the house. I did happen to get more 2 cent stamps yesterday, so the cards might make it out sometime today or Monday. Oh well. If I'd mailed them when I'd bought them, all my Valentines would have arrived on time. Isn't that crazy?

Tuesday was Karate, fun for Valentine's Day, right? Wednesday was a lovely 'bum' day, full of rest, laundry, and Dayquil. Thursday? Super busy for me. Get newspaper ready for delivery, lunch with the girls, beginner's class, deliver newspapers. Thursday was really cold, which was probably while Fry's stomach, head, eye, foot, and arm hurt. I am so easily conned, but it was in the teens (13F, wind chill 7F) that day.

Then Friday was Fryday! School was out, so Fry and I ran around town. Bank, Walmart, Toys R' Us, Red Lobster. Mom & Dad sent us girls money for V-day, so we took us to lunch on it. Monday's numbers are going to be bad, I'm posting them and the prior weeks' then. Get it all out and over with then. ;)

Between running around and thumbwresting Fry for the computer, I've read the wonderful comments about the Mitts, but not replied. A lot of really nice people read this, thankfully! If Blogger's picture uploading capability was working, there'd be pictures of the latest on the needles. There's nothing new, the lace, hat lining, and gray sweater. Those, everyone's seen before. The lace is sllllooowwwww. There's a wavy section at the very bottom of the shawl, which I thought was the end. Teaches me to skim the instructions. Sure, the wavy is the last section per se, but there's an edging, picot around the edge, then i-cord at the top. It takes me, because I've timed this, thirty minutes to plainly knit one row. Sounds horrendously slow, but it's 485 stitches in a yarn that's very close to being thread. I want to be careful to not drop or misknit a stitch, so my paying attention slows me down, I'm sure.

Plans for today? Cleaning house (we've been lazy, Fry and I), hopefully Sip and Knit (Fry was more enthusiastic after learning the place we go to serves frapuchinos), and 5 o'clock mass (where I've not mustered the nerve to knit in church). Church with Fry is sometimes tough. We try to be good, but sometimes, we'll get to quoting Monty Python's skit, The Bishop, to each other during the service. In a whisper, of course. The first time I hissed, "Don't say the kid's name, vic," Fry choked. She also giggles whenever "Jehovah" is said during service. I took her to see The Life of Brian on the big screen and it's a big help when you know every word to an R rated movie already. I had the ears or eye cover warnings timed to nearly the second. Thus, the conversation,

F: Mom, why can't I see all the movie?
M: Do you really want to see a naked guy?
F: Eww, no. But what about the girl, that doesn't matter, right?
M: Not really, but you want to see a naked girl, then?
F: No, maybe it's better I don't see either one.
M: Well that's good, because you're not seeing either one.

It's cute how she thinks she has a choice in this, isn't it?


ChelleC said...

Okay, now I'm able to make commments. Good deal. Blogger has its share of hiccups sometimes. Chelle

Laura said...

Blogger is free, so I'm not complaining a bit. Love that 'free' since it means more to spend on yarn.

Laura said...

Not that you were complaining...

Commenting on a comment on your own blog has got to be wrong...

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