Wednesday, February 01, 2006

A Clean House Is Vastly Overrated.

Wonderfully funny bit related to Oprah's Million Little Pieces debacle. This guy is clever.

Knitting men. Finally, men are liberated. ;)

After several days of checking mousetraps, we admit victory! Which means my kitchen no longer looks as badly cluttered as it did before I put everything back in the cabinets. It's still a mess, of course, since people insist on living and eating here. I get to roll up newspapers for Fry and help her deliver them. Good exercise, judging by how hard it is to schlep the bags around the neighborhood.

Housecleaning avoidance projects. Can I resist casting on yet another sock? Probably not, since I have some new yarn earmarked for my Mom and Aunt a pair of matching socks. Sadly, the color is lovely so neither one will probably wear them. ::giggle:: I'll try to resist this I have a few UFOs to complete, first.

While watching TV and not on the computer, I'll work on this:
For this project, I have to actually wear reading glasses (the horror!!) and have good light. Yes, I can watch, or rather listen, to the television while knitting this, but only if it's a show I've seen many times before. Like, Spongebob, Star Trek, or Law & Order:SVU. I'm dying to block this bad boy and don't know how anyone can whip one of these out in less than a year! ;)

Then, this, which is turning out much prettier than the scanned image would show. I can't knit fast enough to get to the yoke. It's a good one for knitting while watching a new episode of any TV show. Not so much for waiting, since the repetitive motions put me to sleep. My next knitting skill to develop is being able to knit with my eyes closed. The only bad part will be rolling over onto the points while asleep. Ha ha! Talk about a rude awakening.

And finally, my fair isle practice, Fry's Nordic Mit. If I can do a snowflake a day, I'll be done by the end of the week! With this one, anyway. The red and white yarns are worsted, while the black is between worsted and sport, which I think is DK. I'm thinking that's why the stitches aren't nice and even. At least we can all see most of the pattern. I'm hoping a nice washing will relax the stitches a bit. This is the good waiting room project.


ChelleC said...

My gosh, you are a REALLY talented knitter!!!! Wow! That lace is gorgeous. The Nordic mitten is something I've always admired and wanted to try. Haven't done much two-stranded knitting yet. Lovely work you're doing!

Laura said...


I suppose I should be good, considering how much I put off what I should get done for knitting, instead.

Ok, Mid-Continent has Alice Starmore's Fair Isle knitting. It's out of print, incredibly expensive, and even at that, worth the money. The nice thing is, with your library card, you get it free for at least a month. You can go online, put a hold, and have it delivered to the closest branch to you. Isn't that cool?

Let's not look at the lace too closely. It's certainly something that is a practice item. Sigh.

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