Thursday, February 09, 2006


Oh, this is such a busy day. Not that I've done anything so far. Since yesterday was Anti-Procrastination day, I attacked the mountain of washed but not folded clothes lurking in our bedroom. After an hour and excluding the socks, they're done! A lot more clothes remain to wash and fold, but for now, I'm caught up.

Newspaper deliveries have changed to Thursdays, so there's a huge stack of them, waiting for bagging. Should I say I'll be rolling papers all afternoon? Sure! Make them snicker.

The mitt so far! Tuesday was good, did a lot, but then Wednesday, I did almost all of a snowflake, but just couldn't get into it. Probably this evening, after a friend of my Hub's leaves, after the papers are delivered, and I've helped Fry with newspaper collections, I'll have a chance to sit and knit.

Two wonderful knitters are luring me into starting a new project before Mitt Jr. is off the needles. Tara has a lovely cardigan I'm wanting to copy using my stash of Noro's Kureyon. On the other hand, after seeing Sandy's , Carole's and all of Cara's Jaywalkers, I can't knit Mitt fast enough. Here is a page of all the Jaywalkers submitted to the pattern's creator, Grumperina. Mine aren't on there because I want better pictures of them before submitting.

Why resist? Well, the lace thing is sad over there, while the gray sweater could use a few rounds because I'm dying to get to that yoke. I blame Wendy and her Bohus for pushing me over the edge. This is my first fair isle sweater and I resisted as long as I could. Then, Mitt and Son of, of course. Her current work, Rose, is lovely, too, and tempting me to start something Norwegian.

Happily, since starting this post, I've cleaned up the kitchen, started the laundry, and ate lunch. Maybe as much as an hour more and the house is company clean. Whew!

I posted over at Dave's this morning about the knitters I frequent being so good there's no one to laugh at. Not that I want to unless PMS is involved, but after seeing site after site of gorgeous knits, then, commenting on said knits, I'm feeling a bit of a sycophant. I'm so not one, hence my dismal fate as an executive in a former life. People are doing really good work out there, it's amazing.

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