Tuesday, February 21, 2006

The Valentine's Day Massacre of My Diet

It's not good. In order, it's weight, bust, waist, tummy, hips, wrist.

Prior week:159, 41, 33.75, 38, 40.5, 7
Last week: 160, 41.5, 33.75, 38.5, 40, 6.75
This week: 162, 42.5, 34, 38, 40, 6.75

I blame chocolate and Russell Stover's Outlet stores. On his trip with his parents, Hubby brought back boxes on sale from V-day. I ate whatever I wanted within reason, knowing that today would be the end of sugar for a while. Happily, the diet is good so far. I had a huge fajita salad for lunch, no tortillas allowed. Yummmm.

Enough shame for now. Next week will be better. Besides, my beloved mentioned that I must be close to 'that time' already. I asked if my scrubbing the foyer with a toothbrush or my vacuuming the front lawn and fluffing the blades clued him in. It'll be fun next week to see the decrease in puff. ;)

Loooooook! It's lace! So almost done, it's not funny. The bottom edge is 485 stitches across and for the edging, I cast on two more, then bound off four, over and over until the end. Even all scrunched up, it's lovely! The top edge will need a solid edging, something I'll do as soon as cleaning the house is caught up. Fingers crossed that this evening, it'll be complete.

Another fun thing is that I'm ready to do the sleeves on the grey sweater. As soon as those are done, they're attached to the main body and the yoke is started. I blame it on my fowl upbringing that I want to type "yolk" instead of yoke every time. Ha ha!

Now that the Jaywalker KAL is done, does that mean the Little Goopa won't get her seafoam green socks? Nope! Um, I mean, yes? Ok, she will get her socks. Will I wait until after the grey sweater is done? Oh heck no! I can't stand it now! There's only two projects on the needles and it's killing me there's not more! Maybe I'll make the Little Goopa's socks lacy instead of Jaywalkers. She deserves socks as sweet and delicate as she is. (For those at home, the Little Goopa is my baby sister, who's 26, and a tall willowy blonde. Very unlike myself, ha ha!) She and her husband are the only ones in my family who don't have socks from me, so that need to be fixed. By the time I get those done, Fry and Hub need new ones, too, since their current pairs are showing signs of wear.

Ok, that's enough! I'm dying to finish this shawl and want to get dishes done before Spongebob Oprah is on. What? No, I don't watch kids' shows. I'm far too mature for such silly things. ::insert eyeroll here::


snowballinhell said...

Ooooh, I love the shawl. Nicely done!

margene said...

The shawl is going to be gorgeous!

Jay said...

OH wow... now that is lace and a half. Life like Miss Marple would have used. Lace like Italian widows wear to dance on their philandering husbands' graves! Lace that says "come, dance the flamenco with me".
Can you tell I'm impressed?

ChelleC said...

Fantastic work, Laura. Wow! That's really neat.

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