Thursday, February 23, 2006

Degrees of Separation

First of all, I'm thrilled to say I'm actually on people's blogrolls. Amazing. I'm always stunned when not only people other than my Mom read my blog, but that others do AND seem to enjoy it. Wow. Too cool and kinda scary.

Kind of like at the Yarn Harlot's place. This entry, in particular. See all those people looking at her?! Yikes! Ok, now, to be honest, I regularly talk in front a lot of people while teaching. Not a problem and not as scary because they're there to learn, not to just see me, like Stephanie. Every once in a while, during class, I do get the thoughts, "All those EYES!" and "They're looking bored! Step it up!". Those are my only moments of panic.

Funny story time. One time, I'd learned that Stephen J. Cannell was coming to town for a book signing. He's one of those esoteric experts that I admire, so of course we, Hub and I, made plans to hear him speak and sign a book. He spoke and when we went to get the book signed, Stephen chitchatted with everyone. We drew nearer to the table and I noticed my brain started shutting down in fear, which also locked my knees and elbows. No, I don't know why. By the time HE signed our book, I was a wreck inside. Now, outwardly, I was calm, cool, and coherent, or so Hubby says. To me, instead of me saying, "I really enjoyed the dynamic and complex characters you created in 'Wiseguy', and then 'Baretta'? Wonderful," I'm sure I said something like, "Chimme, chimme chamma. Gunga oh wanna dinga do. Cheecheee. Gunga like! Gunga like!" Hubby thinks it's cool that after meeting the guy, he's only one degree away from James Garner. Fry thinks it's even cooler she's one degree from both Tommy Davidson and Rob Schneider, another story.

All of which has nothing to do with yarn. Neither does delivering the newspapers and that's what we should be doing. Fry is home, standing too close to the TV, drinking a Diet Pepsi and having just ate a very thin Hershey's bar. This obviously bumps me out of the running for Mother Of The Year.

What does have something to do with yarn? Sleeve island. NOW I get why people hate this so! Not that I've never knit a sleeve, but the last handknit sleeve I made was ages ago. The alpaca I'm using makes me feel like I've been drinking something with unspun yarn in it. Yack. The faster I knit, the faster it'll be done.

I've not said anything political for a while. With our beloved vice-president and his recent news... Well, let's just say that if you can shoot someone in Texas, then have them apologize to you for ruining your life, then I DO have an ex in the state to visit. Him getting away with shooting someone bothers me, but then, the whole bunch have done more illegal things than this and no one seems to mind. What does bother me is them selling some of our ports to an Arabic country. Not that it's Arabic, but that they've been known to fund terrorists. But then, they're oil friends of our current administration, so I guess it's all right. It's not like the people controlling the ports will be fanatical about their homeland, or will be able to be sweet talked into letting a fellow countryman in without a full security check. Nope, I'm sure they'll be loyal to America.

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Jay said...

Oh, I know what you mean... I'm knitting with alpaca too... no! Wait! I've just finished and it's blocking! Oh, thank you God!... knitting with alpaca, for me, was like knitting with super glue on my hands and needles, and having the yarn dipped in honey (or lubricant, if you want to go THAT route!) as well.

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