Saturday, February 11, 2006

Dayquil is good, mmkay.

I love the comments from yesterday! Like Snow, I get sick so rarely, that when I do, it's horrible and I'm about to die. When Fry came home, I had her love on me before I took a nap. We'd talked about making spaghetti for supper just before I fell asleep. About an hour later, the smell of the stove's burners woke me up. Fry is pretty cautious by nature, but still, I had to check it out. Sure enough, she was fixing spaghetti! She'd put the pasta on to boil, the can of diced tomatoes were in a sauce pot with a half teaspoon of garlic, but she couldn't figure out which were the italian spices. She'd sniffed every spice in the drawer, not knowing that they were in my lazy susan spice rack instead.

With the nap and a shot of Dayquil, I felt much better. So much so that I finally felt good enough to knit! I know! My husband was worried when he got home and I'd told him I hadn't wanted to do anything.

Sadly, I was bad and only went to bed after finishing the top. Yeah, but the mitt was so close to being done, I just had to. I would have slept in this morning, except my cellphone woke me with my horoscope at 8:00am. When I'm out and about this morning, there are Valentine's things to get, plus I'd like to find Airborn for this cold.


ChelleC said...

I am so SO glad you came to our knitting group. It was such a blast having you there. Your mittens are gorgeous. You fit right into our group! We all loved you. I can tell these things. Hope you feel better soon. That story about Fry making the Spaghetti was so cute. What a sweetie she is to help Mommy out like that. Such a doll.

Jen said...

Airborne is my favorite - I take it if I think someone else might have a cold!! Was great meeting you - can't wait until you can join us again.

ChelleC said...

I saw that you got registered with us over at MeetUp. Glad you signed up. That way, you'll receive those messages too, and reminders of the mtgs. etc. Hope you a good day today. How are you feeling now? Have a full-blown cold or not? Chelle

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