Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Bad sweater! Bad!

Not until I bound off could I tell that there was a marked change between the circular and dpn use. Same size, different result. Grrr. Not only that, but I slavishly followed the pattern, did gauge, and the only person this will fit is the cat. Fry inherited my linebacker shoulders, so there's no way. I could undo the yoke part, then increase the pattern repeats. The hell of it is, this is supposed to be a ladies' medium with a 42" chest. If I'd not done a test swatch, I'd say, ok, I'm an eeeediot, but I did check. The collar rolls, due to the joy of stockinette stitch, but that would be a lot easier to extend than ripping down to the beginning of the yoke.

I am NOT a happy camper.

Thus, I must go love on my newest yarn...

What are these people thinking? Knit SOCKS with this? Put them on my FEET? Walk on the FLOOR? Puhleeeze! This is yarn worthy of placing on an altar with golden needles as adornment. I don't know if any picture can do justice to these colors, they're the prettiest I've seen in real life. :) What if I knit up something with these, like the grey sweater and totally 'f' it up? I can't even take off the cute little labels!

Grrr. Stupid pattern. I'm going to brood over the grey sweater for a while. Maybe my smallest cousin can wear it. She's a tiny little girl and this WOULD be cute on her. Next winter of course. :P


snowballinhell said...

I hate it when projects plotz like that, despite your best efforts. Makes you want to hurt the designer, doesn't it?

Mmmmm...lovely STR. You'll love the socks from it, you really will. Although I've contemplated buying enough of a colorway for a shawl more than once.

I'm a Virgo. I hate it when Mercury is in retrograde. In fact, I've oft blamed my marriage on it. No, really. Mercury was in retrograde on our wedding day. First big mistake.

ChelleC said...

I hate to hear about the gray sweater. So sorry Laura, that is a real bite. Are you going to reknit it right away or hold off for a while and do something else?

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