Wednesday, November 09, 2005

The day after...

a migraine day, I'm always pooped. Is it the struggling through pain? Or maybe the meds taken? Probably both. My father gets these, too, only not menstral, obviously, ha ha ha! (I'm easily amused.) When he eats the 'bad' foods, like chocolate, processed meats, and maybe aged cheeses, he'll get the horrid migraines. The ones that curl a person in the fetal position and make them pray for death. Thanks to Zoloft keeping them light, mine aren't that bad any more. It's all perspective, though. If a non-migraineur has a horrible headache, takes an asprin or something like it, and the headache goes away...well, it wasn't THAT bad a headache. I don't even bother taking meds for those. Actually, it's kinda fun taking stuff for those. I'm always amazed the stuff works.

So I did end up taking another Relpax and some Midrin, too. Midrin's great, since it has that sedative and is slightly narcotic. Just the thing for someone addicted to Diet Pepsi, yarn shopping, and the internet, huh? I usually try to take pure, non-addictive ibuprophen, since Midrin has that extra 'oomph' and a vasoconstrictor. After a whole day of a migraine, my neck and back muscles are tense from the constant pain, that sedative is sooo nice. A glass of wine would work as well, but if I'm already 'down', wine would just add to the 'fun'.

Last night on the news: Group Restrains Alleged Crook. Why do I care? This is MY gym. I think it's hysterical. Seriously. Kinda like robbing people outside a gun store or martial arts studio. The bugger got the crap beat out of him, looks like. I'm still chuckling over it. I do sorta feel bad for the guy for being that stupid. Funny as hell, though.

Yada yada yada, but when will she get to the knitting....

How about now? Yesterday, in a bit of haze, I started on the Jaywalkers, then this morning mapped out the Nordic mittens' pattern for the snowflakes. Due to the fog of yesterday, I'm K1P1 the ribbing instead of K2P2, plus, since the Fry wanted THIS yarn, a faux fair isle, I'm breaking the rules on that, too. In yet another addition, these are being knitted on US 2s because I'm far too lazy to go back to Hobby Lobby and get the size 1s I need. Also, I'm too pissed that I didn't get them half off when I had the chance. Test swatch showed me I needed to decrease the pattern by 8 stitches. The swatch has already been reabsorbed as the ribbing. The yarn is a mystery since the label is gone. The yarn for the Nordic mitten is right here next to me, being used as a pillow by Claude. I hate to wake the little (big!) guy, so I'll wait until he finds a sunbeam to roll around in before starting the mitts.

There's a few things I'd like to get done, dishes, laundry, pay some bills, do a bit of fun yardwork. After that, I'm taking the day off to recoup from yesterday. My motivation just isn't here at the moment.

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