Thursday, November 10, 2005

The Singing Fry

I got to see Fry sing about bones today at school! She is so lovely. That kid is just wonderful. She had a little speaking part and did quite well.

Ran to Hobby Lobby after that for some double pointed knitting needles (DPNs) size 1. The 2s are great, but the fabric is really tight. See? I love these socks, more importantly, so does Fry.

Now Hub wants in on the sock action, preferably in brown or black so he can wear them to work. Sweet, huh? While I was waiting to check out, there were a trio of people speaking French. There were a few words here and there I caught, and tried not to snicker after hearing aujourd'hui (today). Which I took to mean, "sometime today?" I think the Hobby Lobby checkers are screened for their lack of speed. Yeah, they're very nice (the ones here are) but goodness! Feels like another reality in there. Their knitting notions are still on sale, 50% off. They didn't have the 1s I needed, but then, there's another store down the road.

Tomorrow, I get to go and get my sonogram results. Ninety dollars to hear "You're fine, no change." Duh. Sure, insurance pays for most, but it's still a waste to make me come in, sit around, and hear something he could have told his nurse to tell me over the phone. While I'm there, I'll go ahead and get the CA-125 out of the way. Gaw, I hate needlesticks.

I'm going to have to start the Nordics soon! How about if I teach my Knit Some Mittens class instead? It's tomorrow, and I'll be bringing the green and yellow pairs to show off.

I keep thinking that if I keep typing, I'll have something cool to say. Nope! Sock heel, here I come.

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