Sunday, November 06, 2005

It's so greeeeeen!

Number one of two! Ok, I know it's heresy to admit, but I do like knitting with such lively colors. I'll start number two sometime this evening after everyone else is in bed. Just asked Fry, "So, what DO you think," and handed her the mitten. She replied in a nano-second, "Mine."

'Fraid not. She's getting Nordic style mittens to match her snowflake hat. The folds in the hat don't show off the snowflakes. Considering my fair isle skills, that's probably a good thing. Yech.

Right now and later today:
Fighting off a migraine and losing that war
Took Relpax and will take a nap for it to work
Will take Fry on the last of newspaper collections
Will enlist her help in a bit of house cleaning, laundry, and bulb planting
Will fix dinner
Will explain to Hubby how he should not leave a tiny birthday cake with two females and expect the last piece to be bigger than a thimble (he's at drill, and the piece IS bigger than that, really)

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