Friday, November 11, 2005


For having a killer headache, (yes again) this has been an action packed day.

Up at 7:00am, didn't know until 8:15 that Fry had an extra choir practice at 8:30. Me driving a billion pound death machine with a budding headache and full coffee cup while in my jammies? Oh hell no. Like the true SuperMom I am, I asked, "You know all the words already, don't you?" She replied, "Yeah..." "Well, then, you're set. Ride the bus."

As soon as the bus pulled out, I hopped in the shower. Then to the doctor's office. I don't know how anyone gets anywhere in a single day. People drive 5 to 10 miles UNDER the speed limit at all times here. There are a few fools who, when I'm going at or a little above said limit, pass me like I'm standing still. Curse my upbringing in a one-stoplight town! Curse it! These 'car' things on the road, clogging it all up...maddening.

By this time, the headache escelated to "Kill me, Billy" proportions. Ate lunch at 11:00 to let the Relpax and Midrins calm down. Without food, they make me ill. Laid down on an ice pack, with the alarm set for 12:30. Why? To wake up in time for my Knit Some Mittens class! Um. Yeah. I'm so hoping those gals don't think too poorly of me. I did explain the increased dyslexia when I have them, just so they'd know the goofiness isn't terminal, only intermittant.

Done with that and hit Joann's on the way home, looking for Moda Dea Sassy Stripes um, Crazy, Crispy, or Curly. Some color like that. I'd stopped at Michaels before lunch to no avail. Lisa, my neighbor who works there, roped me in and the store wants me to teach there, too. Hmmmm, employee discount at a craft store. Buh wa ha ha ha haaaaaaa!

No one has anything so far. There's still another Hobby Lobby, Micheals, and even a spankin' new Joann's to check out. I ought to suck it up and order from online, but I'm afraid I won't stop with just one little skein.

Dinner was TV dinners, or rather, "Siberian Take-out". Isn't that funny? It was said on My Family, a double header tonight. The first show was cute, all right, but not spectacular. The second, the same except for Nick wrapping everything ala Christo. He had a big roll of brown wrapping paper and wrapped everything in sight, even the watch he wore. Funny as heck.

Something I found while rummaging around for something 'wrapped' on the Christo and Jeanne-Claude site... In what I think is the prettiest park in Kansas City.

Tomorrow: newspaper delivery, another knitting class to teach, and pictures of current works in progress. There's been progress on socks and mittens, but no scanning, sadly. I'm tired and will do spell check on this and updates later in the weekend. Really.

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