Sunday, November 20, 2005

Mittens Galore!

Don't look TOO close at the mitten cuff, ok? My fair isle sucks eggs in a big way. Practice makes perfect, right? Colors may not be my forte'. Heck, changing colors may not even be something I can consider in the future. :( As long as it's warm and won't fall apart, Fry will like it. On the other hand, I might just do a simple snowflake pattern on the back, then no fair isle for the rest. Not that I mind the color change challenge, I'd like to get a lot better at it. As long as it's taking me to knit up the cuff, they'll be ready in time for summer.

Look who made the paper! These are my students from Friday's mitten class! Sadly, it was part two, so they're on their own. They were all very good and we had a great time. The bad thing about Friday was that I had another hideously bad headache. Suffered with it until the evening, then took yet another Relpax. I've gone through a month and a half's supply already in a month. I'm not OD'ing or anything remotely like that, the frequency is just way up. Yesterday, I let myself be tired, since those things do wipe me, then today, I just goofed off while Fry and Hubs did their church and Children of the Revolution activities.

What do I call goofing off? Watching the History channel, doing dishes, and making mittens while doing sinkfulls of dishes. I scanned in this, yesterday. Then did the second today. They're for my sister-in-law to match her hat and scarf, if she still has them. I rather doubt it, but hey, she has matching mittens.

Then...the Jaywalker! This was finished...gosh. I don't even remember. That's the lovely thing with migraines, I get all short circuited on the memory. Fry tried it on Saturday morning, must have finished it Friday night. The sock looks odd from my making the cuff shorter than the pattern states, but is beautiful on her foot.

Tonight, I was finishing up the thumb of the probably donated mitten for my sister-in-law when I thought, "I need to call Mom." After a check of the time, of course, it was too late. Not that I need need to call her. Everything that had happened is right here in the blog. The house is a wreck, I've only cleaned in bits as I could. I'm actually looking forward to tomorrow's housecleaning. It's not the doing, but the done.

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