Saturday, November 05, 2005

A Mother's Love

Today is Hubby's birthday! Yay! We had take out from Olive Garden and a plain white cake. It's his favorite.

Sadly, we spent his day gettting newspaper collections with Fry. Good Lord is that work! I'm tipping every little paperboy I'll ever see again. Those people work hard! So we followed Fry as she knocked on doors, introduced herself as the carrier (lol! images of 'carrier monkeys'! lol), then either took the money or had me mark down them as a 'no go'. While one part of all of us wanted to be aggressive and get those sales, another, much larger part of us took great glee in crossing people off the list. That wasn't until the fourth hour. Until then, we were still gung-ho. Very courteous, but gung-ho.

Birthday boy is upstairs watching his favorite movie, Planes, Trains, and Automobiles with Fry. She gets him all to herself tonight, while I get her to myself tomorrow. I had Hubs to myself last night. We watched TV and laughed our butts off at "My Family". I've had serious thoughts about getting an European DVD player, just so I can order the DVDs of this show. For his birthday, he's had a new computer desk and amoir on layaway. They're in the cherry wood he's so fond of, and looks really nice.

I'm almost done with the current mitten. Fry wanted to talk to Gran last night, so after they chatted, I talked with her too. They'd had a huge fire in Oklahoma the other day, coming rather close to their house. Eeek! Of course, I only found out about this a few days after the fact, which is pretty typical. Mom didn't want to worry us, and I joked that on her casket will be a note, "I didn't want to worry you." We also talked about the lack of people in my family wearing things I make them. PMS-fueled insecurity. Her comment was if I'd make them more things, then they wouldn't have to treat each item as a treasure. Think that's a hint?

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