Thursday, November 24, 2005

Happy Thanksgiving!

Today, I'm finally able to pry Fry from the computer. Thus an update. See the Jaywalker, beginnings of a green fluffy hat, and the continuation of a mitten. The hat is a good mindless project, while the mitten is great but very involved. The sock is for me, which is the first sock I've ever made for myself. I'm done with the cuff and am about to start the chevron pattern part. Personally, I think my fair isle on the mitten sucks eggs. If I get the nerve later, I might show the insides just so the other knitters' get a good laugh. Blah.

Ahhhh. Turkey dinner at Golden Corral. Yum, and not that busy. Tonight, we eat pumpkin and pecan pies for dinner, then back to the Beach for me tomorrow. Christmas is going to be better, we're cooking at home then. I'm hoping Toppa can make it over and bring her roommate, possibly. If her roommate's child comes along, even better.

Now, off to watch "My Family" with my family and try to stay awake. :) Do I need to mention how thankful I am for all my relatives? Probably not! I'm sure they get tired of me telling them how much I adore them, sisters, parents, husband and daughter. Cat. Well, not so much him. He's probably up there in bed, denned up with Fry and Hub.

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