Monday, November 14, 2005

Making Progress!

First of all, a big thank you to the Hubs for taking the trash to the curb. As a result, I can still lounge around in my jammies. This was a pretty busy weekend. We did the paper on Saturday, then ran to Lee's Summit for a class. Beginning Knitting for Teens, and boy are those little buggers surly. I want Fry to stay a girl instead of one of 'those'.

In the meantime, Fry is thrilled with these. So am I, actually. The mitten, and my fair isle is good enough that you can see the snowflakes, is turning out better than I'd thought. No gaping holes or anything! Of course the Jaywalker is lovely. Even though it's self-striping, I love the colors and the chevrons in the pattern. I'm pleased with both of them, amazingly enough.

Doesn't take much, does it? I'm easily amused.

Borning personal stuff:
First day of a new weight loss plan. I'm wanting to be down to 140lbs by New Year's, a sort of resolution in reverse. The start is 157lbs with my jammies on, so a drop in weight is expected by tomorrow. I could be wrong, hopefully not. My body is so weird. Low calorie and low fat diets don't work. I've also discovered that working out does nothing for me in the weight loss department. Doing it does help my physical abilities, so I'm wanting to resume something. Not to the kick myself in the butt level from before, that's too much and too boring. I want going to the gym to be fun, not a horrendous drudge. I used to be able to slog through working out, thinking I was losing weight, but no. Now that I know it doesn't work, I don't want to get on the treadmill for an hour. I'd rather mow the lawn, mop the basement, or do something else much more productive.

What does work for me? Cutting out the bad carbs. Sugar is my downfall. If I cut sugar and refined flour, the weight falls off. Really odd, too, because nothing else does the trick. I'm planning on cheating twice between now and New Year's, of course. We're going to a casino buffet for Thanksgiving, and I'll do the big dinner at Christmas. My sister and hopefully her roommate will be here. Plus, I'll save my 'cookie calories' for then, too. I'm wondering how much everyone will miss my gourmet cookies this year. I've made tons of batches for the past three years. There's been some positive feedback, but not a whole lot. Me, personally, I love all of them. I'm very lucky in that while it's murder for me to lose weight, it's also really hard for me to gain. I could easily double my size by eating all my reject cookies. Well, I have to do quality control, can't just give out any ole cookie.

Thanksgiving. I really want to go to my parent's house for the holiday. My husband does too, but also wants to spend a four day weekend at home. He bought a new computer desk for his office and wants to play with that. Also, he bought an armoir for our bedroom to hide the TV in. It was on sale, and while my father could modify our current armoir on a professional woodworker's level, I can not. I can change out knobs, though, and thanks to Van Dyke's, I'm going to. It's pretty rare that he gets a full four days off. Usually, it's one or two days at the most.

Time to start the Monday morning cleanup! Yay!

Nope, fake enthusiasm. Better than nothing, I suppose.


Jackie said...

I really like the colorway of the sock yarn. What is it? And your mittens, they are going to be lovely!

Laura said...

Thank you! It's Moda Dea's Sassy Stripes in Crush. I know this because I've been searching the local chain hobby stores for more. There's none anywhere, but I've found it here on sale. :)

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