Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Wiped out Wednesday

Headache all day today. All freakin' day. Obviously, this is the bad month. At least next month will be good. Bleh. Up until Fry came home, I did nothing except eat lunch and sleep. We had rolled papers last night to deliver this evening. Dinner, then knitting and TV. I need to work on the mittens, Fry needs them, but, I want to finish her sock so I'll know to order one more skein or two for the other. I love this colorway. Parts of the brilliant red makes me hungry for raspberries.

Tomorrow evening, I'm teaching a beginner's knitting class in Lone Jack. A lot of really good spinners live there. Can't imagine that people who spin so well (and they do) don't know how to knit, but they don't. They either spin for others or crochet. The class is full, so it'll be hectic but fun.

An inch and a half before I start the toe of the sock, six rows to be done with the mitten's cuff.

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snowballinhell said...

Does it give you more information than you'd like about my foolish, misspent youth when "rolling papers" immediately makes me think of something similar to a Cheech & Chong movie rather than newspapers?

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