Friday, November 04, 2005

Fast Friday

Had an ultrasound today to check on Toomie. If you don't know who or what Toomie is, heaven help you, you don't WANT to know. Let's just say that little Toomie was a product of a radiologist's overactive imagination. So far. I need to go back in for a CA-125 test but just can't work up the enthusiasm. Happily, I think Mom no longer reads my drivel, so no choice words about me skipping the test. Buhwa ha ha ha haaaaa. It's still bad, since I do happen to hear her 'voice' in my head anyway. I'll get the nerve to go and be stuck in the hand by a cranky gal with a huge rubber band strapped on my arm. Joy.

Then, on to one of MY favorite shopping places: The Kansas City Market. It's even on a Hidden Valley commercial! The fruits and veg are so cheap there! Three bags of cut up salad for a dollar. I found some Spanish saffron, not cheap, but not bad. Ate all the baklava myself. Sorry, but phyllo, honey, rose water AND pistacios? Yeah, that's going to last a long time around me, ha! In the same middle Eastern grocery are big bags of various spices with little scoops in them. One scoop of curry is a dollar, and the scoop is about a quarter cup of spice. It's fresh and smells great! If Hubs hadn't gone to the Kama Sutra for lunch yesterday, we'd have curried chicken and saffron rice tonight. Maybe Sunday....

Ooooo, then to Urban Arts, a yarn, bead, and scrap store. They have a lot of the novelty yarns and not much else, sadly. I did find a decent pattern for some Norwegian style mittens in the Vogue mittens book there. Had a tough time putting back the little bag of rovings. I don't have a spindle or anything similiar, so buying them would have been a waste at the moment. Then, next door is a garden store, but with benefits. They have a spice section with tons of different spices in little and big bags, all for much less than you'd pay in the grocery. A quarter pound of Jamaican Jerk seasoning for $1.40. The same amount of orange pepper was $2.40, though. There's an Ethiopian cafe there, and a Chinese grocery in the area as well. It's so tough not buying something at every store. I didn't even go near the Italian grocery. There could have been some serious damage done to our pantry space.

After that, went grocery shopping, as usual, then home. Since Hubs our guest tomorrow for dinner out on his birthday, tonight is Refridgerator Night. If it's in there and you want it, you got it. Everything expired or trying to evolve has been removed, so it's all safe.

Did I write? No. Did I knit? Some, not a lot. The diagnostic imaging place was a lot faster than I'd anticipated, so I was halfway through a row when they called me. The mitten is looking pretty cute, even if it IS Lion Brand yarn. I'm afraid TKGA will revoke my membership for knitting with non-naturals, but honestly. I've gone by the tie-downs section of Home Depot, spotted the nylon twine and thought, "those would make GREAT exfoliating socks to wear around the house."

Yeah, I'm strange. Been called that more than once, in fact.

One of my favorite bloggers is having issues with her child being away from her. It's the company the child is keeping. I totally understand and am at a loss as to what to say. Her blog today reminds me of The Monkey's Paw in the be careful what you wish for category. I'm sure her fry will be all right, but it sure is stressful to be away from them. Every time someone drives off with Fry, I have to remind myself that I've totalled more cars than THAT driver has.

Three minutes until BBC American's My Family. Yes, I am in the mood to laugh my ass off.

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