Tuesday, November 22, 2005

What to do, what to do....

Sock, mitten, hat? Probably more like mitten, sock, and hat when I want to watch TV. There's a green hat on the circulars that I use for chemo cap knitting, great when I want to knit and not think.

I've done absolutely nothing today. Well, excluding starting a pot of soup for tonight. A warning about black beans, or rather frijole negro. They're not called 'negro' for a reason. (See, Mom and Dad? I can say 'black'.) Since the tomatoes and green chilies are now really dark, I'm fighting the urge to toss it all out. After that, THEN I would scrub the black off of each bean. Or, toss a frozen pizza in the oven.

When given the choice, my family would rather have a few tv dinners, frisbee pizzas, or the cheapest soup you can buy over anything I fix. So they say. When I fix them something, there's usually a scramble after the first plate for whatever's left. Very rarely do I have leftovers. Unless califlower is involved. Avocadoes, too. I'm a very lucky person. All the guacamole is mine.

Hm. Just checked in on the bean soup, i.e. black sludge. Honestly, it looks like the stuff I clean out of the ponds. Smells really good. Sad, huh? The garbage disposal is going to eat really good tonight. Maybe, if only because I'm mean and evil, I'll pass the stuff off as dinner tonight. Buh wa ha ha ha haaaa. Be glad my digital camera software doesn't work because no one wants to see what black tomato cubes look like.

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