Monday, November 07, 2005

Monday Mitten update

Hopefully by the end of today, these will be done. Ignore, for the moment, that I said this yesterday, too. But then, when I entered in yesterday's, um, entry, this mitten hadn't even been cast on, yet. I've resisted the call of socks long enough. As soon as this is finished, I'm starting a pair of the Jaywalkers. Just to get them out of my system.

At the same time, I'm plotting the pattern for my Nordic mittens. I've seen them called Nordic, then Latvian, and am not sure what to call these, really. They're going to be colorful and patterned with a pointy top, whatever their name is.

If you can't handle a person not being a mental Twinky of yours, you might want to skip this part. I have an opinion and I'm actually using it! Outside of the blog, if you share my DNA, then you might know what I really think. Otherwise, chances are you don't.

Political rant part:
In the real world, I hate discussing politics or religion. Yet, they keep getting lumped together. Gah! When I think of how often some friends of ours (mine and Hubs) spout off some political rhetoric handed to them by their preacher, expecting me to agree with their snarky bad-mouthing... I suppose being political in a church is ok ONLY if you're pro the current administration. Otherwise, they sic the IRS on you. Intolerance is neither Christian nor American. They're whining about evolution being taught in the school, wanting to disregard the separation of church and state in that case, while being jerks to churches that don't agree with the conservatives. What a load of crap. No one has to agree with anyone, but everyone has a right to their own opinion without fear of punishment. Isn't that why the United States was founded in the first place? Why we're not a subset of Great Britan? Fortunately, I'm too much of a small potato for them to fool with. Or, I'd be audited for typing my opinion. Bleh.

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snowballinhell said...

Ah, I should have known that you and I would share poltical and religious opinions as well. Gah!

Your mittens are fabulous, ignore any opinions to the contrary. They're very fun.

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