Saturday, January 14, 2006

Alert Mermaid Man, I'm eeeeeevil.

In the message board over at the Diary of V at Redbook, I'm known as lauraks555. How am I evil? Well, it seems that once I started a battle of wits, I had no idea that most of the others were unarmed and unable to fight. Last night, as I went to bed and pondered the defense of 'mispelling' and wondered why I was called 'kitten', it hit me. I'd been attacking the short bus riders. Exactly what Mom had told me to never do. Be nice to the special ed kids, because they get a hard enough time from the others, she always said. I've lived by that creed all my life. If anyone DOES go over there, just to see how ornery I can be, feel free to comment on my meanness once you're back here. Hubs thinks everything I wrote was a hoot and correct, but then he's biased. :D

To more of my shame, I've not started the red scarf yet. The pattern and yarn are sitting right here. The lure to cast on for yet another pair of Jaywalkers is strong, but no. I did a few rounds of Fry's Nordic mittens. The cuff is done! Yay! It's not as bad as I'd thought, so I'm wanting to get to the part where the thumb stitches are put on a holder before quitting tonight.

My beloved baby sister's 26th birthday is tomorrow and I've not started on what I wanted to make for her. As in, a lovely shawl edged in real, rough-cut garnets. That would be pretty, and I'd have to make Mom one edged in something resembling her birthstones, too. Generally, when I knit up something for a family member, there really should be something for everyone else, too. Or mass pouting ensues. Better that than everyone fighting over who has to take the things I make, ha!

Now then, if you'll excuse me, a little Girl Scout dropped off our cookie order. I need to get all the thin mints eaten before Fry and Hubs get back from Target.

(Just kidding, it's really the peanut butters I'm after.)

Considering this conversation earlier in the day, maybe I'd be better off finishing up the celery.

While watching figure skating...
Me: Look at that, the guy is holding her with ONE arm.
Hub: Yeah, I'd have to use two arms with you.
Me: Don't like sex much, do you.
Hub: No no! I'm weak, I need to work out. That's what I meant.
Me: I don't think I need to care about your needs much after that.

I know he really WAS thinking of weakness, since his Army Physical Fitness Test is in a couple months. Meanwhile, I'd thought "She's light!" before the one arm comment. So, I'll cut him a break.

Speaking of larger people... Fry is officially 4' 8.5". Wasn't she just 4'7" at the start of the school year? I need to stop feeding her the Weed-B-Growing, obviously.


tara said...

HA! That's HILarious! My favorite 'mispelling' was 'complexitys'..I mean how simple must one be to forget one of the first rules of grammar: pluralization! (watch me misspell that)
Good job, though...rattling a cage is always good safe fun!

Camie Vog said...

Wow! You have a great bog! It confirms my obsessive thought patterns. Thanks for the great writing and for the knit pics. Yarn is good. And so is sharp wit.

Laura said...

LOL! I loved at the end where us Grammar Police were accused of being jealous. Um, no, try again. It does rather 'scare' me to criticize someone's writing, if only because I'm sure to make a bonehead mistake.

Oh thank goodness I'm not the only one with obsessions. I always try to stop with the yarn talk before peoples' eyes glaze over and they go unconscious.

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