Thursday, January 26, 2006

Pre-Friday Silliness

Exiled Stars: Milky Way Boots Members
Isn't that the funniest? Can you imagine our solar system beting evicted from the galaxy? It's pretty cold and lonely out there, past the spirals and all.

The Primate Police: Monkey cops keep primates in line
Well, I tried to watch this newest Cops episode. Yeah, there were orangutans in wife beater shirts, but really, all they said was "Chee chee chee." Where they tasered the organ grinder's monkey, THAT was worth watching.

Mental Exercise Nearly Halves Risk of Dementia Ok everyone, lift your left lobe, now right. Left lobe, right lobe, and over to the side. Stretch the left, the right. Come on people, really use that corpus callosum. Good! Good! Next time, we'll add some bulk to that prefrontal cortex while slimming the medulla oblongata.

Creatures Frozen for 32,000 Years Still Alive
In today's news, we talk to Barry Bacteria. He is one angry germ and blames Percy Paramecium in forgetting to set the alarm clock. Bacteria is quoted as saying "AM versus PM I can understand, but entire thousands of years? Look at how many times I've missed work."

Baffled Scientists Say Less Sunlight Reaching Earth
Scientists are baffled by the decrease in the sun's rays hitting our world. They plan to launch a satelite to study the phenomena. Once a hole is found in the layer of satelites currently circling the Earth, a launch date will be set. Until then, the problem of less sunlight will remain a mystery.

Scientists Discover World's Smallest Fish

It's going to make your Mom ask, "Why is there an eyedropper in the tartar sauce?"

High Cancer Rates Found in Md. Catfish
ANNAPOLIS, Md. - More than half of one species of catfish sampled in the South River had skin tumors, matching the highest rate in the nation, wildlife officials said. Meanwhile, in the North River, increased production continues at the Tan-XLR8R Lotion factory.

It's been a busy couple of days. Class was great, the librarian refered to me as a professional knitter. I tend to disagree, based on all the wonderful knitting weblogs I read. But then, when I'd felt ho-hum while hanging out with my computer programming buddies, my Mom would set me straight. What is average in a crowd of geniuses is fantastic in the general population. I probably am a very good teacher, though. It's not as instinctive to me, so it's not like trying to explain how to breathe.

Let's see, the big excitement around here is my Great White Hunter of a husband. To my horror, I've found little mouse poopies in all the lower cabinets. Nothing like a little bit of rodential ca ca to trigger any OCD tendencies. I have a big bottle of bleach and know how to use it. After washing all the dishcloths and rags in hot water and bleach, I've put them in 2 gallon sized baggies, just in case. I'm still washing the dishes, then putting them in the said baggies or on the kitchen island, currently a mouse-free zone.

But, back to the hunting. Hubby set the traps, and caught one this morning! Yay! He left it for me to see his prowess and to be assured the mouse is toast. Um, ok. Now the mouse is the one in the baggie. My dishes are, still, and the traps are baited for another night, just in case. I was a very sweet girl and didn't do the evil hit-the-puffed-paper-bag trick while he set them.

More on the finished red scarf and the new crazy socks I want to make for Fry on Tuesday's crazy sock day. :)

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