Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Commenting all over the place.

Random knitting note. While watching Monty Python's last night, I noticed something new. Terry Jones DOES know how to knit, while Michael Palin was just faking it. Rather badly, too. I'm totally impressed, as Terry isn't even the gay one of the group. Not that male knitter equals gay, but still. A guy can still know what to do with a bit of wool and STILL be butch, I say.

Yesterday's weather was mostly lazy with today's forcast being somewhat sluggish, and an anticipation of some activity later today. This evening, pretty busy with a newspaper carrier meeting and later settling back down to completely lazy in the latter hours. Knitting and reading others' knitting blogs dominate the weather, with bits of housecleaning and laundry peeking through.

Wendy answered my Noro question! Yay! Plus, a lot of other people (ok, two so far) have left suggestions as well. I'm leaning toward the cardigan idea, myself, since I have the black Lamb's Pride wool to offset the colorful Kureyon. Then, while I was ignoring the alarm this morning, I thought, I carefully avoided buying the same dyelot and colors in each of the five skeins. Why am I worried about running out??? Sheesh! So with reading the lovely suggestions left by other commenters, I've added several new projects to the future knits list. Something I'd like to do is add some of the newer weblogs I read to the list, and then add both a finished object (fo) and works in progress (wip) list to the side. I'd like to do a 2005 retrospective because how do you know where you're going if you don't know where you've been?


tara said...

Yay! I'm glad you liked my suggestion...I'm making up the cardi pattern as I go...but if you decide you'd like it, I'd love to pass it on!

Laura said...

I've been keeping tabs on your cardi! You're in my "read every day" weblog list. :) I love how it's turning out, too.

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