Sunday, January 08, 2006

But I don't wanna blog..

Ok, maybe I do, but not a lot. For someone who's got a lot done, I'm feeling rather lazy. Fry and Hubs are doing the newspaper payment collections at the moment. They'll fight, since Fry is fighting a cold, then do the Chip and Dale thing on apologies, then fight again.

Friday: Cleaned, grocery shopped for only South Beach stuff, shopped at Joann's, worked on my sock.
To frog or not to frog, that is the question. Whether 'tis nobler to exactly match the stripes or let the imperfections be a beauty unto itself...

I'm probably not going to sweat it, much. If it were a gift, oh yeah, it'd have been frogged and reknit already. But for me? Bleh. My sneaks will cover it anyway.

Stash enhancement, like, I need it.If my Mom, Dad, sisters, friends, should happen to like any of these colors, they should let me know. Each skein of yarn will make one sock for an adult. Their mates, while not the same dyelots, surely, are on their way here. The colors are all discontinued, so while they exist, I had to get them. There are three others I couldn't find matching skeins for, so they're going to be kids socks in a future life.

Saturday: Clean house, fix dinner, family time and that's it.

Sunday: Same song, second verse, except I'm thinking I need to felt this just one more time. It's nice, but way too wide. It's ok so far, but not where I want it to be. There's a little yellow blob there, for some strange reason. There's no join or anything, very odd.


starbender said...

I must say, Those looks so warm!

Leslie said...

Felt it, baby. Felt it until it screams for mercy.

Laura said...

Hi Starbender! They ARE warm! Oh man, the buggers make my feet sweat sometimes. The fabric is so stiff, they can stand up on their own, even when clean. ::snicker::

Leslie, right after this, I did felt it again. Placed it in a garment bag, then washed it in hot water with a bunch of towels. I think it's as stiff as it's going to get. Looks good, just a little soft along the upper edge. I might put in some bamboo skewers at the place where it tends to bend, if the skewers can be hidden well enough.

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