Friday, January 27, 2006

C'mon, baby. Comment. You know you want to.

Right. So I was in the yarn store yesterday, oogling yarn while waiting for the Jeep to get a new heater core, and looking at yarn for Fry some Crazy Socks. They had some Trekking XXL, which I of course drooled over. The owner came over to see if I needed anything, and went on to tell me about a lady making the embossed leaf socks from Interweave. I said something like wow, and I've seen that pattern, which I have. Then she went on to tell me that there's a sock on display for the sock class that I could take. Or something like that. I mean, number one, I have a migraine which isn't really there thanks to Relpax. Number two, when someone says something amazing to me, I tend to blank on it. If what is said infuriates or insults me, the words go into the brain, scrambles like the egg, and I don't remember anything except I didn't like it. Odd, huh? It's a nusiance, believe me. In an argument, "Oh yeah? Well, you said...stuff. Stuff that made me mad! So there!" The gist of it was that I could or should take the how to make a sock class.

Um, no. I was sweet and said something like "Oh, ok," then wandered off. When I told Hubby later that evening, both he and Fry snorted, "But you TEACH sock classes!" Even in my classes, I don't assume the student knows nothing. I always ask how much they do know before giving any help.

Still, I found great yarn for the Crazy Socks, AND made sure I mentioned to the clerk that Crazy Sock day is THIS Tuesday. No, not a sock diva, but I am that good. ;) They won't be Jaywalkers (oh the horror!), but something else fun.

I did happen to run into the lady making the Leaf socks mentioned above. I 'attacked' and said "I'd just heard about you!" Then went on to ooh and ahh over her work. She didn't preen too much, but still, that sock in the fall foliage colors WAS lovely. I don't give out undeserved compliments to ANYONE, so if a person gets one, I totally mean it. She may not have believed me, but she didn't have to for my comments to be true.

Us three daughters are planning a surprise for my Father's 60th (!!) birthday. The two other girls will kill me if I spill beans, but let me just say, he'd never imagine this...

Anyone else notice that I seem to be using the same ten words for every sentence in this post? I have a thesaurus, fer cryin' out loud. I should use it. ;)

Dig that crazy sock! Heck, it's on the lable, "Crazy Color". How could I resist? If it weren't for that pesky sick kid wanting hugs and cough syrup, the laundry, bleaching everything a mouse could touch, and wondering why Vogue knitting hasn't cashed my subscription check, I'd be a lot further along. See how the trivial gets in the way of the truly important. ::snicker::


margene said...

Socks are very good knitting. I hope to knit the Leaf socks soon, too!

ChelleC said...

Neat socks you're making. BTW, I enjoyed your class today (Monday) in Lee's Summit. You did EXCELLENT teaching all those people. You gathered quite a crowd. You did great. Chelle

Laura said...

If Margene doesn't read this, I'm going to have to trot over and suggest this, but... Wouldn't a Leaf sock knit a long be fun? Right after the Jaywalkers wrap?

Chelle, you're making me blush! I had lots of help from the other librarians and from more experienced knitters like you. Really, the 'helpers' in the group help me with the ones who can't quite get it. 20+ students do stretch me thin, so while I feel slightly guilty when others help me to do my job, I do appreciate it.

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