Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Another career choice shot to hell.

Great. Just great. I get a BS in Computer Science, and jobs are outsourced. Then, with overseas people programming for dollars a day, I choose another career. I get really good, judging by my husband's pained expression, and BAM! Another death knell to my blossoming occupation. Crud.

U.S. 'outsourced' torture, investigator says

There's got to be SOME occupation that can only be done in America...

I get to teach a class tonight! Yay! It's Knit a Scarf, always fun. People always pick eyelash to work with, so I bring some doggy worsted weight (Red Heart) for practice. It doesn't lose its shape if the needle drops to the floor. I do love the stuff for kids' sweaters and beginning knitters.

My energy level is so low...I've had a tough time even doing my boneless chicken impersonation. Blame the PMS, it's a good catchall. Once I'm on my way to class, I'll be peppy, but right now, I'm wanting to study the back of my eyelids. :D I ordered more yarn for my upcoming classes in February and then received my Elann.com order today. Yummmm. The Peruvian highland wool and alpaca skeins are already in their project bags, so no lame scanned pictures of yarn porn. I'm so almost done with the red scarf, one more day, if that, and it's outta here.


Ms. Not Together said...

Wouldn't ya know I attract all the knitters?!

Gosh, I wish I felt like knitting again.

Laura said...

LOL! It's a sign.... Yarn can be cheap therapy, you know.

Slow and Steady Wins the Race