Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Tepid Tuesday

Is this really Tuesday? Wow. Already.

I'm rather silly and loopy this morning for a good reason. Last night, determined that Fry should have her crazy socks to wear, I knit until done. Which was about 3:30am. Then up at 7:00am to take her to choir by 8:00, which didn't happen. She didn't want to go, and with her being sick, I didn't make her. The teacher will give me a note, reminding me, but oh well. Fry had missed Friday and Monday, and that's enough. I would, of course, scan said socks, but they're currently running around on Fry's feet.

I taught a class in Lee's Summit yesterday. It's a library that I've taught at many times before, but, with the turnover, they don't remember me. Ha! Isn't that funny? It was a packed house of beginners with a few advanced ones thrown in. I'm so used to being the only knitter I know who has an internet connection and knows how to use it. Thus, when I saw one of my students (who was good enough to have been teaching the class herself) knitting on a cabled red scarf, "Was it," I asked? Yes! It was for Norma's Red Scarf project! Yay! Her name is Chelle and she's a knitting blogger (or blogging knitter), too! Ha! I'm thrilled I met someone in real life who does this, too. I mean, I'll wander into a LYS and no one knows what TINK is. (Knitting backwards, most usually because of a mistake in a prior stitch.) At any rate, her blog is one of those I'm reading, too. I mean, what if she hears of a sale that I don't? It's local, so I can go there and squish the yarn for myself. ::insert evil laugh here::

She is or was, working on some Jaywalker socks in a yarn called Socks That Rock. Ooooo, I'm so tempted. I mean, look at these colors! And if they're in a local store? Heaven. Even if I did get to a local store carrying these, how could I pick just one color?

Speaking of Jaywalkers... Later today I'll need to cast one on, just to have a portable project. Yesterday's students bought all of my kits, and it just so happens that Hobby Lobby has their needles for half price. I plan on cleaning out the two stores near me sometime later today.

First, a nap to get the sleep I skipped last night.


Steph said...

Your kid sure is sick alot lady! LOL! How is the miss V anyhow? :)

Laura said...

LOL! Well, it's probably all the late nights and junk food she gets at her Aunt's house! ::snicker::

I know, she's due to visit again, and Miss K MUST spend some time here before Fry runs off to Gran's this year. Seriously.

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