Sunday, January 01, 2006

I'll Have To Ask The Hubs For Help...

Let's see, I figured I should post something before a week goes by.

Those keeping track, and I don't know why anyone but me would, can probably tell it's about time for me to have a migraine. Do you know just how shitty it is to have one on THE hangover day of the year, yet, not have a single drop of alcohol? I didn't feel so good last night to justify feeling this bad today. I took the last little Relpax, thus, my fingers are crossed that there are no more bad headaches until the next shipment comes in. (After January 4th sometime, for my Mom. :D)

A quick rundown, what I can remember:
Wednesday: Dropped off Fry at her Aunt Toppa's to play. Had Chinese food, got puffy from the sodium.

Thursday: Took in pickup to Bill's for him to put the dipstick filler tube back on the transmission. Played darts in his garage and read a geology book, making me miss my Dad a lot. Left said book in the shop along with a $10 off Knit Craft shop coupon used as a bookmark.

Friday: Cleaned a little, but had a headache because I don't remember much about the day. Knitted during some of the Law & Order:SVU marathon.

Saturday: Bank stuff with Hubby and his year end bonus (Fry said she hoped he didn't get "Jelly of the Month Club" bonus per Christmas Vacation, ha ha!). Stopped by Bill's for book, he's such a Tar Baby. (as in, I'm stuck there for a lot longer than I want to be.) Picked up Fry, had Chinese food with Toppa and the Gang. Home, then Happy New Year!

Today: The migraine I'd been fighting all weekend is worse today. Bleh. I've been tearing out magazine articles, but that's the only productive thing done all day. One piece of good news is that in this Day One of South Beach, I've not had a bit of sugar or other refined stuff, yet. For this, procrastination is my friend. I can have all the sweets I want, tomorrow. :D Funny how tomorrow always turns into today.

In the knitting arena, we have a soap sache', the second cuff on the purple needles, and the beginnings of a sweater for Fry. Once the cuff is done, I'm starting the second jaywalker, starting a ballet bag for Goopa's birthday, and finishing various other things in my UFO basket.


snowballinhell said...

I hope the migraine hasn't taken you down for the count!

(I love Chinese food, but it invariably gives me nasty headaches, even the kind without MSG. Why is that?)

Laura said...

Hm, I would say the sodium. After I have Chinese food, I can count on 'gaining' 5 pounds, no matter what.

Slow and Steady Wins the Race