Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Don't Go There, Girlfriend...

First, the knitting news. By 2:30am, I'd finished the lovely Jaywalker in Moda Dea's Sassy Stripes 'Crush'. "Just ONE more row..." You would see a lovely scanned pic of these, if I could pry the buggers off of Fry's feet. Actually, this pleases me that she loves them so. Whenever I get my Jaywalkers done, I'll have the three of us wear ours for a photo. Hub's is not the famed Jaywalkers, but are beloved nonetheless.

To keep me busy, I'm finishing up or starting the little Peaches and Cream cotton sachets for the Zum Bar soap. Oooo. Fry and I went to the health food store, hoping to catch Crazy Wednesday's 30% off everything. Instead, we'll have to catch Crazy Friday. We bought fizzy lemonade, too salty but organic potato chips, and chocolate, dark, with espresso bean chips. Yummmm.

Um, back to the yarn. Fry's mit, the sachets, my Jaywalker, and now, a sweater for Fry. She conned me into it. I'll make it a ladies medium so that when she outgrows it and I draw down, we can share the garment. Even after all the goodies, I'm still a ladies medium, mostly. I prefer my sweaters to not need elastic for me to breathe.

I have Fry as a witness to this. I got carded today. Ha ha ha! On O'DOULS, no less. Me, carded. OF course I wasn't mad, nor did I mind. Did have the attitude of "Riiiiight." Must have been that I was broken out like a teenager.

Now then, the part where I should not go. On my Yahoo page, I have a CBS News opinion module. Sometimes it leads to things like "It is worth remembering that an abuse of power similar to Bush's NSA wiretapping decision was part of the impeachment charge brought against Richard Nixon in 1974." Then, I fell into something like "Wouldn't that be a truly just response to the real high crimes and misdemeanors that this lawbreaking president has so clearly committed?"

To me, it doesn't matter what the party of the President happens to be, I'd rather his Bill of Rights violations, his manipulating data that led to thousands being killed and more maimed, and his encouraged bad treatment of political prisoners (in Abu Graihb) be investigated as completely as another President's Oval Office oral sex by two consenting and enthusiastic adults.

What's amazing to me is that one president (Nixon, for the less aged) has to resign due to his wiretapping, while another taunts us from his perch. Do we as Americans love this guy so much we'll take whatever crap he gives us? Was the faking information about Saddam's WMD's ok, because it's not 'my' father, son or husband going off to die. (Actually, it WAS my husband and he could always go again.) Was it his and his administration's encouragement of personnel to treat prisoners in ways worse than the example we Americans should be setting for the rest of the world? Nope. It was the fact that someone may be listening and recording what a person says on the phone or in email. What? You don't WANT the "anything you say or write can and will be used against you by anyone at any time" policy to apply to you???

This "As long as it's not ME," attitude is disgusting. Our country is an A+ student who's cutting classes, shoplifting, and flunking out of school. I don't think it would be THAT hard for us to be better and to expect better of our 'leaders'.

I think I've earned my "Don't Go There" title for today. What I think and $3.50US will get me a nice mocha grande at Starbucks. Tells you how important THAT is. ;)


snowballinhell said...

I've been saying it for ages:

Why can't someone just give that man a blowjob so we can impeach him?

Laura said...

Bah ha ha ha ha!!!! Oh that's so bad!!! LOL!

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