Tuesday, December 27, 2005

All Knitting, All The Time

There are probably family members out there thinking "Does she ever do or think about anything but knitting and yarn???" No. That's it, pretty much. Fry is overjoyed at the progress I've made on her sock. For a tomboy, she's liking the colors. She wants those clear shoes so everyone can see her socks. I can NOT wait until they're both done, on her feet, and a picture is taken.

I tore through the Knit Wit on Monday morning like water through a cheap paper towel. Major damage was done, I had a great time. Those keeping score will see the lovely Mission Falls 1824, no longer being produced. I bought enough for a yoke sweater, inspired by Wendy's Bohus. The body will be the lavender, with the other colors adding to the design. Fry's Nordic mits will be my practice on color changes and they're next in the queue.

Unless, of course, I decide to make the Summer Autumn in Kansas shawl of this beautiful stuff. It's soft, brilliant, and lighter than air.

Here are some future hats, socks for Fry, and baby booties.

The two different balls are for scarves. I love Dune, the name of this yarn. It was in the discount bin so of course I had to get it. :D The Lamb's Pride, I'm thinking, will be paired with the Noro in the prior post. I want to do something, just not sure what...

Then, the coup de gras. This is so soft and lovely, I'm wanting to start on the simple shawl pattern printed on the label. Though she'll protest, this is a gift for Mom. :D

Speaking of gifts...everyone here loved theirs. New clothes, new lion toys, DVDs, jewelry, money for yarn, gift certificates to Red Lobster and Lowes. It doesn't get much better. Not only that, but after a good Christmas turkey dinner, Hubs did the dishes. ALL of them! He is such the best husband. The house is totally wrecked, so we're doing the 15 minute crisis cleaning after my, um, ok, soaps time. I hate to admit I'm a bon-bon eating, soap-watching haus frau, but there you go. When I'm actively pursuing my goals, the two hours is my lunch and knitting break. Otherwise, it's not even a break, more a continuation of the slugness.

Speaking of small invertebrates, I've discovered that I have all the qualifications to be Spongebob's grandmother. She bakes him cookies and knits him sweaters with love in every stitch. We were watching the episode where Patrick takes Spongebob's place as Gran's baby when I had to put down the hat for my Dad to get cookies out of the oven. There you go. I'm a Gran in training.


Bethe said...

Nice acquisitions for the stash, I would have trouble holding off on starting new stuff too! BTW - I have heard rumors that 1824 wool has been revived and returned to production...

Laura said...

I heard that, too! I wonder how many people had hoarded that stuff, though. :D

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