Saturday, December 03, 2005

An Observation and Jaywalker Picture

10 Marines Killed in Blast.

I thought when my BIL (brother-in-law) got home, this sort of news wouldn't turn my tummy. While I'm now not worried about the guy, the soldiers in the story were people. Then, the next day, several Iraqi soldiers were killed, too. I hate that we're in Iraq while Bin Lauden is hid out, laughing at us.

Moving on, before I launch into a full scale rant. No time today, we need to knock out Fry's paper route, then I need to clean up and teach a scarf class, yay!
I have to take a break from the Jaywalker, though. Although it looks fine, my index finger, here in the pic, hurts like no other. No pain if I leave the fingertip alone, but even the slightest pressure causes sharp owies. Pain like this is a sign to stop it already, so while I'm tempted to take some ibuprophen and trudge along, I won't. Scarves and triangle shawls it is, then.

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Anonymous said...

Careful, you don't want to ruin your knitting finger.I'm sure many an old yarn slinger would tell you that! But seriously, take care of those beautiful little hands. LOVE YOU

Slow and Steady Wins the Race