Thursday, December 22, 2005

Why Am I Still Awake?!

I should be training, people, training!!! In bed by 9:00pm, up at 4:00am.

First off, Christmas morning, I'll have to wake up at 6:00am. Not bad unless you hit the hay at 2:00am. That's cool, can do that. But then, Knit Wit is having a sale, 30% off everything, on the 26th. I also have it on good authority that my favorite Mrs. Claus, Mom, has given me yarn money for a present. Not even in Walmart does the 'Fog of War' overtake me like it does in a yarn store. I know the store owners think I'm mentally challenged by the way I wander the place, squeezing the various skeins. I have to look at everything at least twice, then buy maybe three of the same kind, color, and dyelot. Otherwise, it's a mishmash of whatever I can't live without. Before entering the store, I think "The budget is $X and THAT'S IT." If I get out of there with $2X or less, I've done good. Sometimes, the discounts matter more than the budget. There's been times where if the yarns hadn't been on sale, I would have spent $500 for what I'd just paid $150.

Grumperina, beloved designer of the Jaywalker, has posed the question of "Who knows about your blog and do they read it?" For me, my family knows about it. Dad thinks I need to be careful about what I put in print and I am. Mom reads this every morning with her coffee, it's her ritual. I do the same for my list of favorites. I'm continually amazed at the high quality of knitting out there. You people rule. Ok, back to question. My sisters know about this blog. I don't know about little Goopa (she's really a few inches taller and in her mid-twenties but she's the baby). I suspect she doesn't read very often or only if asked to by Mom. Same thing with the younger but yet again taller than me sister, Toppa. I re-sent her my link so she could see the adopted family's hats. If they had blogs, you bet I'd read them! Before my birthday and Christmas, especially. Our child, the Fry, knows and has her own blog. Non-public, and has already lost its charm for her. Silly baby. Hubby, too, shares a blog with me which has three entries, by me. Fry doesn't read my blog because she lives it. Hubby will read it sometimes at work.

Hubs is a sweetheart. When we were at the Sons of the Union Army Christmas Party*, I'd tried to sneak in a few rows of the second Jaywalker I'd been knitting. Another knitter there asked about it just as my cell phone rang**. Hubs took up the question, saying, "She's been working on this sock called "The Jaywalker"," and held up said item. He'd listened enough to my prattle to know the pattern's name. That's so cute! Both he and Fry think that everything on my needles should be for them.

*There's a lot of Confederates on my side of the tree. I'm sure there's Unions, too, but we have documentation of the Rebels.

**Fry was on the phone, so I had to pick up. She'd called to chat, hung up after we chatted, then called again asking if we'd bring home coffee ice cream.

And now, we're back to the knitting. The hats are finished. I was going to make matching mittens, even have the yarn picked out. With Toppa going home on Friday, the mits aren't going to make it. There's not enough hours in the day AND I'm getting peculiar pains in various parts of my hands. Ah well. A change in needle size will fix that. I'd finished the hat on the far left this evening, then did a few rows in Fry's Nordic mitten. Not enough to see real progress, I'll post more tomorrow. We wrapped out of town presents, went to Walmart (ug), mailed packages, had the gingerbread blast at Sonic, did the paper route, ate frozen pizzas for dinner, and made merengue cookies today, thus, I'll cast on for the third Jaywalker sock in 'Crush' tomorrow evening. The day should be quieter. Fry and I are having lunch with Toppa, then stopping by the Library Headquarters to drop off Christmas cookies. I'd like to get a few more drop cookies baked tomorrow morning. Also, I'm still dying to do the gingerbread bake off. All the ingredients are still on the counter, save the perishables, so I'm ready. :)

After the holidays, the cookie shop is closing for the year. Just in the nick of time, too. I'm expanding in a scary way. Not so scary when I consider the vast amount of sweets and flour goods eaten in the past month. Actually, I'm lucky it's not worse. The paper route was tougher than usual which means I'm not only heavier than usual but also more out of shape. Time to brainstorm a list of resolutions, I think.

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