Friday, December 02, 2005

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First, to catch up:

After I posted on Wednesday, the school called at 3:00 saying that Fry was ill and needed to go home. They said Fry had told me she felt sick earlier in the morning. Right. She'd done this before, saying "I'm queasy," then goes on to snack us to death and play. Not only that, but she bugs to get on the computer (the horror!), watch cartoons all day, and asks me to watch her play Playstation.

Does anyone catch that this is on WEDNESDAY? As in, PAPER DELIVERY DAY? Since the temperature was a balmy 35F, I wore a sweater (the green and white one you guys got me, Mom, when I was just starting the Fry), and a heavy coat. By the end of the first two bags, the sweater was soaked! Ick! I've not gone to the gym in a long enough time to enjoy sweat again. So much for my fear of freezing to death. A quick change of shirts and jackets, and I was back out there to finish the route. Walking around the neighborhood was fun. A lot of Christmas lights out there, and with the cold air, fireplaces going, all that put me in the mood for Santa.

It is the school's policy that whoever barfs one day must stay home the next, thus, Fry was able to loiter around on Thursday. We went to the doctor for her heel pain. He ruled growing pains, a possible irritation of her Achilles’ tendon because of the recent increase in activity, and prescribed ibuprophen. After that, we went to Sonic for lunch. They have a new raspberry limeade that is to die for, seriously, and a tasty gingerbread cookie blast wonderful for wrecking a diet. Since the hideous munchies of PMS have me in its grip, I splurged on the blast. Yesterday was a cheat day, what with the blast, a tortilla wrap, and then potatoes for dinner. There was even a tiny pack of M&Ms in there, left over from Halloween. I'm back on the wagon today. When I delivered the papers, I'd been on the South Beach for a couple of days and could feel it. There wasn't any glucose in me, so my legs tried to stall, hauling the bags of papers up hills.

But wait, there's more! After Sonic, we came home and took a nap (mostly for Fry's benefit, poor baby), then I left to get class supplies. Here's the fun part: I taught at the Boardwalk branch, Knit a Scarf. The librarian overseeing the class has been knitting for 55 years, since she was 5 years old. After the class, she'd told me that she only signed up for one knitting class, just to see if the teacher was any good. Not only do the students really want me back, but so does she! Isn't that nice? The library had wanted her to teach, but for Joyce, knitting is too instinctual. It was a nice group, only about eight and three of them knew a little already. One little girl, 9, is already an accomplished knitter. She was working on an eyelash scarf in stockinet and the stitches look so nice! If not for the scarf being still on the needles, I would have suspected it being machine made.

Came home, then did a run to Kmart for Christmas light bulbs, fixed dinner, pooped out.

Today, I'm doing as little as possible. Ha! Actually, I want to get the kitchen cleaned and ready for Sunday cookies. Why not Saturday? Paper delivery and another scarf class at 2pm. The library is about 5 miles from our house. Very nice since some of the libraries I go to are an hour away. Driving isn't bad, I like getting out and seeing different parts of the metro.

Cooooookies! Here is an image of the finalists in the great cookie gift bake. What to do, what to do... There's so many of them, and they're all so wonderful. Some of them I've made in prior years, some of them are new. By the time I get all the ingredients, I'll probably have spent as much as if I'd just gone and got bath sets for everyone. My sisters and Mom go crazy for bath and makeup sets, as I do. Even though I have tons of lotions, perfumes, and makeup I don't use or haven't used, I still love getting the stuff as a present. Go figure. So, I'm thinking, clutter-free, even if it is fattening. Hubs, brave and noble man that he is, has already signed up as Quality Control. Every cookie not making the 'cut' is fair game. Hubs and Fry are so funny, going "Ow ow ow!" as they try to pick up the still cooling cookies. For Christmas, they'll have to wait for the rejects.

You know how those who can't do, teach? Yep. I've been teaching and not knitting. The doctor's offices are excessively efficient, too. I was only able to knit FOUR stitches while waiting. No sooner than I'd pick up the needles, I'd have to tuck them back in. You'd think they were trying to make money or something. ;)

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