Monday, December 12, 2005

Defensive, much?

I have a super-religious friend who sends me very conservative pro-Jesus pro-Bush emails. Is it bad to be this? No, of course not! (I'm very middle of the road on 95% of everything)

What IS bad is the fact that she assumes I'm as rabidly conservative and tends to bash anything or anyone not adhering to her beliefs. She'll send me all these activist type emails as true when they're really Snopes-verified hoaxes. I'll send her a "credit is due to..." email and direct her to the Snopes site every time. Do I reply all? No! That's just mean and would/could embarrass her.

So today I get an email from her, another group mailing that goes: "I just received this email. I don't know the person that was reported to have written it & don't really care if she's the one that did it or not. I agree with what it says & feel that the message is one we all need to hear!
Merry Christmas!"

Um hm. To someone who is a writer, them's fightin' words. The person who wrote the piece should get the credit, not some Joe Blow with an ichy forward email finger. Lawsuits are fought over who wrote what, it really IS important.

So anyway, concerning her retort about "I don't care who wrote it" I'm wondering if the Devil wrote it, would she still not care if she agreed with the message?

I really don't mind what a person believes about life, politics, or religion. They ought to believe whatever they want, since where I live IS America. I would like it if the person has actually thought through their beliefs instead of being a sheep, though. I would also like it if they didn't assume that I agree with everything they've been told to believe. I was very nice to my friend and replied "LOL! Well, actually since she DID write it AND get paid to do so, I'm sure Debbie is glad to receive the credit from the website that regularly prints her columns. There are probably a lot of other columns there that you'd enjoy.

Shtml link to original article.

I think the whole exclude 'Christmas' thing is crap, anyway. No one complains about Hanukkah, Ramadan, or Kwanzaa, so my personal opinion is that they need to lay off about Christmas. The majority wants it, so be it."

Bottom line is that I've had enough ideas dismissed by bosses as "stupid" then presented to their bosses as their own, AND I'm enough of a writer to be totally offended by her dismissal of a writer's byline.

Whew! Rant over! Now, on to better things...

The current Jaywalker sock is rounding the bend and comin' home! I.e., I'm on the toe. Just a few more rows, maybe six, and it's done. Alas, makes me crazy that I can't knit faster. As soon as this is off the needles, I'm starting the companion to the first Jaywalker in Crush. So much sock yarn, so little time.

Hubby's socks are clean! As much as he wears them, they're needing reenforcement. Grumperina has done this, and I'm going to do what I can to retro-fit these. He loves them. The yarn for more pairs is sitting in the living room, waiting to be worked. After the two singleton Jaywalkers get done, Hubby's getting a new pair.

As soon as the toe is done on my sock, I'm also working on Fry's mitten with Miss K's pair being my no-brainer project. There's also a Sharfik and Clapotis in the queue, I'm still mulling over which pattern for my favorite Aunt.

Cookie news. Last night was good for baking, bad for tasting. After following the recipes to a T, they all turned out as crap. The cranberry shortbreads and my fave tropical cookies all lacked taste and sweetness. A little bit bigger and they'd have all been scones. Not bad unless you'd intended for them to be cookies. There's some orange sable dough in the fridge, they're getting baked tonight and I might whip up some more. There's still the two kinds of gingerbreads I'm doing as well. Those and four other types, and I'm done with the baking. Very good because my jeans can't take any more quality control.


christine said...

Those jaywalkers are looking great! I'm with you on the wanting to knit faster.........

Meghan said...

Just found your blog off of the Warm Hands site. I absolutely love your Jaywalker socks - both pairs. I went looking for the name and colorway of the yarn you are using and found the first pair as well. I couldn't find the yarn type though. Can you please let me know what you used for both pairs??? Thanks!

Laura said...

Thank you! They're fun to wear, too.

Ok, the Jaywalkers are both Moda Dea Sassy Stripes, one in Crush, the other, Lucky. Then, the plainly knit socks are Regia Jaquard stripes, I think. I can't find the actual color in my bookmarks just yet. :(

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