Saturday, December 24, 2005

Yarn Junkie

Yep, another stash enhancement story. I tried to resist, but as Fry and I were coming back from lunch with Toppa, a yarn store jumped out in front of me. It't the Yarn Shop & More. Their yarns are arranged by color, not type and brand. Looks really great, but is tough to find something specific. The beauty of it is they carry Opal and quite a few different Lorna's Laces. In the picture here, I added two new Noro's to the stash. Still must find a pattern, though. My leanings are toward an entrelac scarf, maybe felted. (Note to non-knitters: Entrelac is a diamond pattern.)

Honestly, when some scruffy little acrylic stuff can produce socks like this, wouldn't a knitter have pains trying to resist these colors? The Opal colorways weren't as pretty as some I've seen online. Nice, but resistable. Fry wasn't turned on by any of the colors. She mostly sat crunched up in a chair, bitter over having to step foot in a yarn store. Yeah, and she's the first one pouting whenever something new is on my needles and it's not for HER.

Otherwise, I'm letting Hubby bake the pumpkin pies as needed. He uses a prefab pie shell, and bought the 'cheap' pumpkin filling. When Fry and I had come home yesterday afternoon, he wasn't pleased with the amount of work it took to make a simple pie. He had to add the spices, flour, egg, all that, instead of dumping in pumpkin mix, evaporated milk, then stirring. Fry makes her pancakes from scratch, as I do, so we were both looking at him like "You must be kidding." The guy makes a great pumpkin pie, though. The first one is already gone. :)

This evening, I'm calling my parents to let them know I'm thinking of them. I miss being there, but it is nice cocooning with my little family here. It's kinda fun putting up the Santa presents here, and filling the stockings. The 'kids' are denned up upstairs, watching A Christmas Story. They'd watched It's A Wonderful Life last night, after Hubs and I watched/napped through it. I can't wait until tomorrow, Fry is getting everything she wanted and more.


Alda said...

Happy holidays Laura, to you and yours. And thanks for your kind birthday wishes the other day!

Laura said...

Thank you! May all your fish be fresh! Seriously. :D

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