Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Sock and Mitten Heaven

I title this "View From An Ant". Using the Jedi mind trick...You DON'T notice the DON'T notice... It wasn't there until I put on the sock. Ah well, not many ants are going to complain about it, at least, not for long.

Finished this little beauty on Monday, then started Miss K's mitten as such:

I plan on starting AND finishing the second one today.
My sister, Toppa, is going home for Christmas. We're all meeting up at Jose Pepper's for dinner on Friday and doing a gift exchange then. It's not just to save postage, but to ensure all the breakables are safe. Any Christmas knitting and cookies have to be done by Friday evening. Eeek! I think today I'll concentrate on the mittens, then knock out the rest of the cookies tonight. To add to the joy, nothing is wrapped. We'll have to have a wrapping party tomorrow evening

Could have posted yesterday, but went to see Fry perform in the choir at the mall, then finished up Christmas shopping afterward. Everyone is shopped for except my father-in-law. He does a lot with the humane society, much to my mother-in-laws dismay. He likes to foster dogs, she does not. Their family dog bit Hubs when he was a small fry, leaving a scar, and she's had a bias against them ever since. I'm not too keen on dogs, preferring cats, but there are some decent pups out there. Toppa and her roommate have small, hyper dogs, but they're so well behaved that I like them.

Um, anyway, back from my tangent... I'll be glad when those damned reject cookies are gone. No one except me likes the orange sables and the little buggers are just sitting there. Other than getting one or two a day, I've been good about leaving them alone.

Just as I decide what to do with this, I change my mind. Gloves, scarf, socks? There's 300 meters, or rather, 328 yards. All of the above are possible, what to choose. Any commentary is welcome. There are three different colors because I want to knit in 1-2-3 stripes and see if the color pools.

Then, there's 360 yards (329 meters) of this lovely stuff. It's soft and great for a scarf. I'm wanting to make this Sharfik or this Clapotis out of it, but can't decide. Again, cast your vote in the comments. Pleeeeese. :D

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