Friday, December 02, 2005

A Two-fer One Special

Lookie! Two days of nice words about me to me and they don't even share my DNA. A girl could learn to love this. :) Good thing I read an article on how to accept compliments gracefully, or I'd been totally unprepaired. I've viewed everyone else's Jaywalkers, which is a really FUN thing to do. So many people with the same pattern but different yarns? What lovely variety! My favorite yarns used are of the Opal Sock yarn and Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock variety.

Also, after reading some of the blogs, I was rather worried about the fit of the currently done sock. No fear. I tried it on and the thing fit perfectly. Well, not for me so much. It's a little long, perfect for Fry since her feet are already half an inch longer than mine. Finishing the current one in colorway Lucky will be a thrill, too. After trying on Fry's sock, I can see why Hubs wears his handmade socks all the time.

I forgot Friday's fun! The kitchen is so clean! I vacuumed the carpet to an inch of its life, cleaned off and up every counter. (there's COUNTERS! who knew????) Still haven't picked out the final cookies or knitted, but that's easily fixed.

Friday's Fun:
TEN random things you might not know about me.
1. In grade school, I was THE best tree-climber. Anything to get at those mulberries.
2. When a man tells me I'm unable to do something, I've completed the task before he completes his sentence. Dad taught me how, and Hubs always knew I could, so they're good. ;)
3. I can fix garage doors. Didn't know this either, until yesterday.
4. I love reading a really good romance novel. I've met a few authors, and could write one if I could park my butt and focus.
5. I'm always thinking, the wheels are always turning.
6. I 'write' fiction in my mind just before I go to sleep.
7. Speaking of sleep, I dream in color, sound, smell, and touch. Not so fun when I'm dreaming about going to the bathroom.
8. I can do a great impersonation of Stan's sister, Shelly.
9. Sometimes I think ridding myself of even good emotions would be worth it to be free of the bad.
10. I have an evil sense of humor. I'm so glad my Mom has a strong heart. Ha!

NINE places I’ve visited
1. London
2. New York City
3. Los Angeles
4. Amsterdam
5. Rome
6. Stuttgart
7. Venice
8. Chicago
9. Cancun

EIGHT ways to win my heart (and how the people in my life have done so)
1. Tell me I'm special (Mom)
2. Make me learn how to change a tire and give me my own toolbox (Dad)
3. Offer to beat up anyone who's mean to me (Toppa)
4. Get a squeeky voice because she loves me so when she talks to me (Goopa)
5. No complaints on how much yarn I buy, as long as bills are paid because he wants me to be happy (Hubby)
6. Take me or go with me to Red Lobster (All the above at one time or another)
7. Make me laugh. (All the above, below, and many other relatives and friends)
8. Be my child (Fry-she really is the best)

SEVEN things I want to do before I die
1. Live for a while, however long, in London.
2. Same thing for Ireland.
3. Scuba dive or ate least snorkel off Australia's coast.
4. Ride in a gondola in Venice NEXT TO my husband.
5. Celebrate my 120th birthday.
6. Publish a book that's really great. Certainly NOT self-published.
7. Go to the Hard Rock Cafe' in Reykjavik, Iceland. I am SUCH an American.

SIX things I’m afraid of
1. Dying. Seriously.
2. Losing a family member. Can't even think about it.
3. Identity theft.
4. Structural damage to the home.
5. Crime.
6. Stupidity, mine or others'.

FIVE things I don't like (This is PMS week. At this point, I don't like BREATHING.)
1. Neo-Cons.
2. Screams and other high pitched noises.
3. Repetition, please don't nag me.
4. Cold and wind chill. (My idea of cold varies. In summer, it's 75F, winter, 10F and below.)
5. People who tell me I'm wrong when I'm not and that I can't when I most certainly can.

FOUR ways to turn me off (If you do this, I will loathe you. Sad, but true.)
1. Act like I'm a pain in the ass when I've taken up less than a minute of your entire life. Devoted to jerky customer service people.
2. Treat me as an inferior because I lack, ahem, 'dangly bits'. Devoted to guys dropped through the trap-door of dating.
3. Tell me what to think or, how I think or feel. I could name an entire group here, but that would be telling. If you suspect it's you, no, it's totally not.
4. Tell me I'm 'weird'. I have a FORMER best friend because of that. My heart does the Grinch thing in reverse to that term.

THREE Things I do every day
1. Check my email.
2. Sing with the Fry.
3. Kiss everyone in the house, excluding cat and guinea pig. (Good thing, huh???)

TWO things that make me happy
1: Yarn in the mail. Like, I need more. ::insert eye-roll here::
2: Someone loving what I've knitted for them.

ONE thing on my mind right now
1: Christmas cookies. Yummmmm.

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