Sunday, December 04, 2005

"I should be baking, yeah!"

Rather than dancing. Thanks, Bee Gees!

Ok, on to the good stuff.

After reading 10-15 minutes worth of Alice Starmore's Fair Isle Knitting, I got good. And fast! Talk about the lightbulb clicking above my head. There's actually progress, just in time for the Warm Hands update. :) See the back and the front? Yeah, there are some serious mistakes, some of which I tried to fix. Happily, Fry will outgrow these then they'll be tucked away, goofed color changes and all.

All the mistakes are in the second picture. I'm so glad they're all on the underside of the hand. After collecting for the newspaper with Fry, I'm positive these will be incredibly warm gloves. I wore my knitted gloves (sadly, store-bought) then some leathers. If I'd worn the knitted both times, my hands wouldn't have been cold. We had to change to pencils, the ink pens wouldn't write in the cold. The near freezing was good for my finger. It didn't hurt while I worked on this mitten, nor while I taught. Yay! I had Hubby read yesterday's anonomyous comment, and asked him, "Three guesses as to who wrote it and first two guesses don't count!" My Mommy loves me.

She's really going to love me at Christmas. I've picked out the 10 cookies after a do-over. None of the first picks were very seasonal, so the list leans more that way. When this entry is done, the ingredients spreadsheet is final, and the collections crew (Fry and Hubs) are back, we're going to the grocery. I missed grocery day, planning on hitting the store during the Chief's game, anyway. People around here go rabid during the game and the place is a ghost town with everyone glued to their sets. My favorite time to shop, no one running into me with their carts.

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Norma said...

That mitten is putting my mittens to shame. Gorgeous!

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