Thursday, December 15, 2005

Finished Objects!

Thus ends the Christmas knitting for my side of the family! There's still some to do for the in-law side, but not a lot. Fix a cuff, make a lacy scarf, things like that.

Am I done knitting for my side? Heck no! I'd finished the little mitten last night then cast on this:

It's for my father. The colors are subtle, the yarn is more than soft, and I'm hoping he likes it. Since it's not officially for Christmas, if Mom wanted to drag him to the computer to confirm he likes it, that would be fine.

Whew! Just got off the phone with Mom. After she talks to Toppa and Goopa, she'll get Dad to look. She's calling all of us to say our cousin passed away. We weren't close as we grew older, but got along great as kids. Speaking of which, I feel horribly for hers. I can't imagine losing my Mom now, never mind while I was a teen. My uncles passing away makes me nervous for my Dad. I'm sure he gets tired of everyone asking how he feels, but still! He's important and loved by a lot of people and we want to make sure he's around for a very long time.

If you could sum up this cousin in a word, that would be 'vivacious'. There's so many thoughts in my mind about the number of people who remember Thanksgivings at the lease, the canyons there, and watching for 'panthers'. Very sad.

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