Monday, December 19, 2005

Hats Off To You

Check it out! I finished the hat for my father on Friday, just in time for the gift exchange. Toppa and the Shell got me chocolate covered espresso beans AND a huge coffee cup. Huge. Not so much a cup as a BOWL. It's perrrfect. I love it. :D

They also told us of a sad story. One of their friends is going in for a masectomy and has already lost her hair to chemo. Since I have some lovely soft stuff in my stash, I made this for her. It's Trendsetters' Zucca and I certainly need more. The first row is a bear, but after that, the stuff is a joy. There's a few balls of Blossom in the stash, too. I have three balls of Vintage in there, too, in color 4385. I may have to stock up on these three squooshy yarns during the after Christmas sales.

(turn your head sideways to see this since I really am too lazy to edit and reload this. thanks!)

As if one sad story isn't enough, the duo also told of a family with a 9 year old girl with leukemia. She's the child of a single mom, and no one in her family wants anything for themselves for Christmas. They all want their other family members to get something nice. So, as I seem to be on the hat wagon, the mom and two daughters are getting these. This little hat is taking longer than the burgandy one, a big reason why I like Trendsetter better than the polarspun/snowflake variety of yarn.

I've got to hit the housecleaning hard this morning, before Fry comes home from her half day to start the Christmas vacation. Bad Mom Time: I was thinking about her being home with a bit of dread in my stomach over her being home. Why? Don't I love her? No, I worship her. What I don't worship is having to pick up after her, constantly, for three weeks. The candy wrappers, empty soda cans, dirty clothes, books and toys. I'm already feeling cranky. There may be some warring going on over here until she gets the idea that trash goes in the trash can, not on the kitchen island for ME to throw away. Not that she should be slave labor, but I'm thinking the kid is going to have to sing for her supper. Fry has a checklist of daily duties and when those are done, she's free for the day.

Jaywalker socks and mittens are sad due to neglect. Even though there's some in-law knitting still to do, the hats take first place, then the inlaw stuff, then socks and mits. All this after my OWN checklist is done, of course.

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