Friday, December 23, 2005

Mitten Tragedy

I could have taken a picture before ripping everything out. Instead, here's a picture of the do-over. What did I do that was so bad? Missed the six words telling me to "put 16 thumb stitches on holder." I'd knit a few rows last night, then a couple more this afternoon, thinking, when was I supposed to break away the thumb? Um.....7 rows ago? Yeah. So with that huge mistake, the color changes, and the places where the color should have changed but didn't, do-over. It needs blocking, of course, and a bit of stitch tugging on some of the white ones that want to hide. Practice makes perfect.

There are two positives to this. I'm better now at fair isle stranding, and the prior mistakes won't bug me.

The cookie shop is closed for the year, officially! My waistline will thank me. Even the fat jeans are binding. Since Toppa had a 1:00 meeting, we're doing the lunch thing tomorrow(Friday). Hubs came home early today, much to mine and Fry's surprise. He'll probably hang around the house while we have lunch and drop off the cookies at the library.

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