Thursday, December 08, 2005

I Reek, But in a Good Way.

As I trudged my way through 10 inches of snow, rescuing the fallen mailbox with mail still inside, the UPS guy delivered my beloved order of perfume! Yay! A bottle of Dare for me, and one for my sister Toppa. The fragrance had been discontinued for at least 10 years, but still smells very good. Ask me how I know. Toppa is getting the non-leaking bottle, while I cleaned up and am now the proud owner of a leaky at the top bottle. I'm going to need an atomizer, if I don't already have one. Think there's one running around here somewhere. Nice surprise for Toppa's Christmas, no?

Yesterday, I had the usual menstral migraine, but not bad. Enough to make me break out the Relpax, but not enough to keep me from doing Fry's paper route. My face froze stiff, kid you not. Free botox with no needles. All it takes is an air temperature of 10 degrees. The bear hug and "Thank you, thank you, Mom!" made it all worthwhile. :D

She's sitting on my lap right now and boy, is her hiney cold! Yeow! Chilly child. Her pants are drying after she'd rolled around the the snow. Her Aunt Toppa suggested she shovel snow to which Fry retorted "Har, har."

Jaywalker is a sad thing. Not too bad, but no progress. I had to pull a few rows to a dropped stitch. Usually, I'd ladder the stitches above, then pick up, but this was at the beginning of needle two. The Jaywalkers in the crowd know the deal. I could have, but would rather reknit the rows than goof around with increases. Key word being 'goof'. :D The stitch was picked up and I'm back to where I was before the mass frogging.

Lots of progress on the little white hat for Miss K. I'm toying with the idea of mits to match, but in white? At least Homespun is very washable. Miss K, Toppa's roommate's daughter, looks lovely in that color, though.

No work on the Fry's mitten yesterday. She's home, wanting to make cookies, and I have a class tonight(!), so the outlook is not so good for today's work on it. Tomorrow, when there's real progress, I'll post a pic or two.

Exciting things:

The mailman ran over our mailbox, snapping it in two. He did manage put the mail in it, though. I carried the mail, still in the box, up to the porch. I'll let Hubs deal with it. Actually, I think it's funny, poor guy felt really bad, but not bad enough to bring the box up to the house.

Claude caught and killed another mouse last night! As long as he keeps catching them, we won't have to put out traps. The little guys aren't used to people, they'll run across the floor, totally in the open.

I get to go teach tonight. Eesh. It's a 45 minute drive in good weather, I'm dreading being on the road that long. The class is from 7pm-9pm. I'll have to leave by at least 5pm, if not earlier. I want to teach the class, but driving? Not if there's black ice. :(


Alda said...

I LOVE that hat! Was it difficult to make? I've just finished my first Icelandic sweater (totally proud of myself) and am sort of stuck in scarf-mode at the moment. Have balked at attempting complex things like hats.

Laura said...

Hi Alda! No, the hat wasn't tough at all. If you can do a sweater, you can do this. Just like you're going to knit with two yarns at the same time, just use one color or the other, whichever the pattern calls for.

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