Thursday, January 19, 2006

I Wouldn't Pick You If You Were A Booger.

I know. Strange, but funny, too. We tend to brake for The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy around here.

Ever have one of those days where you're both anti-social AND feeling like no one loves you? Thus begins PMS, I'm afraid.

Not only that but just this week I've received a yarn catalogue, a spring plants catalogue, and a combo class schedule/plea for help in reducing her inventory from my favorite yarn store. Everybody now, "Noooooooooooo!" I not only want to finish up what's on the needles:

but also want to start on a few sweaters, socks, and shawls as intended. I have quite a few classes coming up in the next three months. I need to take advantage of Hobby Lobby's half price needle sales, AND need to order some yummy 100% wools from Smiley's Yarns.

Ok, something else that has bugged me lately and I've not posted a word about it. This has happened twice in the past couple of months. I'll go into a Michaels or Joann's, the yarn department worker will chat with me a bit. The next thing I know, I'm talking to the education manager about my teaching there. Their enthusiasm gets ME enthusiastic, so I either fill out an application or call them back for a meeting per their request.

In the application case, when I handed over the paper, the gal was rather frosty and I knew I'd wasted my time. Then, in the second when I called back at the specific time, I was asked to call next Monday when she'd know the students' interest better.

I didn't ask them to consider me as a teacher, I was just there browsing for sock yarn (and not finding ANY, I might add.) Sure, I could teach more classes, but am happy with what I'm doing for the library. On one hand, I feel icky at being rejected, but then, I didn't ASK to be hired, either. How weird.

The next time, if there is one, I'm asked to teach a class at a chain hobby store, it's not happening. I'll politely say that my schedule won't allow me to take on any other commitments. Unless, of course, they have a W-2 for me to sign right that minute. Even then, I'm leary.

Fry just showed me she's made the Honor Roll. Plus, she did her paper route without losing any limbs, real or imagined. Glad that appendix is still holding up.

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