Thursday, June 08, 2006

An Early Friday

Yes, it's a bit early for Friday Fun, but knitters will like this:

Hi Chelle! I don't know for sure what I'm doing with the Noro. I have a stockpile I'm thinking may be a cardigan some day. We went to the Studio on Monday and I almost called you before, asking if it would be open. A lot of yarn stores take Mondays off. I hesitate calling people on work days when they might be busy, though. :)

Fry is excited about spending the summer at her grandparents. I already miss her, but am looking forward to all the projects for the summer. There'll have to be a list made, since all these ideas, home improvement, knitting, photography, piano, painting, are swirling around. Rock polishing, too, since Fry and I found some real beauts in the mineral department last week.

Tomorrow, before we leave, I'm hoping to post a finished, and maybe blocked Watermelon Shawl. Yay!

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