Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Inner Dialogue

We all have it, some of us more than others. I can be my own devil's advocate a lot of times. Here is a sample of what goes on in the ole cranium.

Irrational(I):Get off the computer.
Rational(R):Ok, just a minute.
I: Now.
R: Just. A. Minute.
I: C'mon. Precious Metals is over there.
R: I know. (trying to concentrate on blog entry and soap opera update so I don't have to watch the show)
I: You could start a Diamond Fantasy Shawl in it today. You love using the ballwinder and swift...
R: Yeabbut Blue and Trek needs finishing first.
I: Screw that. Blue is boring and Trek is taking for ev errrrrr.
R: No UFOs.
I: Hm. What about the Noro? Look at all that. Plus, the sock yarn. Just toss off a pair of socks, size 3US, maybe take a day.
R: (snickering over 'toss off') No.
I: What about the Bitchin' Mittens. You're going to disappoint Dave if you don't start them AND starting knitting with the Precious Metals.
R: Dave's busy. He's not going to give a rat's ass if I finish first, then start 'his' stuff.

(pause while 'I' tries to be patient)

I: C'mon. I'm sick of this typing thing. You're not getting anything done. I'm tired of knitting little bitty crap.
R: It's not crap.
I: It is if you've knitted for hours and hours and only another knitter can see the progress.
R: (trying not to agree) Ok. Clean the house, get the kitchen company clean AND put away the Bissel (carpet steam cleaner), then you can wind up yarn from Dave.
I: (glancing around the kitchen) Wow! I did get a lot done yesterday! Cool!
R: Sure I did. Maybe I should finish up the laundry and plant those rose mosses I said I'd plant yesterday.
I: Yeah, then you can goof off all afternoon.
R: Cool. How about I post even more pictures for the patient and darling souls who have suffered through my tangenting (a word?) thoughts so far?
I: I'll wait. But hurry.

Our anti-theft device for the basement. There IS a motion detector, but to keep people from ripping off the rest of the screen, I planted a rose bush. Eagle eyed Mom will recognize the wild four o'clocks on the left.

Things to do...
Empty tea glass, papers to sort, malt vinegar to put away from last night's fish, empty soda cans. All the dirty dishes in the house are right there, there's nothing in the sink. Yay!

More things to do...
The bag and box are empty, while only clean clothes are in the suitcase. The hamper needs carting upstairs and those black things in the background are ignored cat toys.

But first, I should clean up this 'mess'.
Sale yarn from Mom. :D

Oh, but this mess needs sorting, too. :D
All yarn all the time. I'm inventorying this, THEN putting it away. Someday.

This is why Claude is 'fluffy'. Look at that! He's eating a cracker! I know, it's whole wheat, but still! Carbs! Bad kitty! Bad! No more kibble for you!

Isn't he cute!?


Maenwyn said...

Smart cat, whole wheat.

Girl, that is one pretty shawl, bring it Saturday, pretty please.

Laura said...

That and real tuna, the cat goes wild. :)

The shawl is packed and ready to go!

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