Monday, June 19, 2006

Still? Yes, still.

Stupid headache. I have an appointment for 8:30 tomorrow at the neurologist's. He's the best in Kansas City, and usually, the appointment is so hard to get that by the time I do get to see him, the problem has gone away. Happily, menstrual migraines come back for him to 'see'.

Saturday was a blast. Had fun at 'Knit Club', of course. Thanks to Chelle's Gran, we are all now in the Order of the Sheep. She made us all little sheep pins, which are quite adorable.

Comments on the prior post have been fun and interesting! Let's chat about those, since knitting progress has been slow.

Maenwyn, you've been memed, too. Like Chelle, I have a tough time with just one word for you, but charming worked, don'cha think? :)

LOL at Beak's comment (she does great work in knitting, by the way)! If it were as simple as size 0's, they'd be banished forever. I blame the 0s for my hogging Chelle's Gimme 5 vest last Saturday. After those, using 17's were a joy.

Speaking of Chelle, I'd choose vivacious for her. She's a very high energy person and a delight herself.

Ah, Carol, I'd be so lucky as for it to be low blood sugar. If that were the case, it'd mean my sticking to some sort of a diet. I do get headaches when I've not eaten until 2 in the afternoon. My going that long is rare, but does happen. I've eaten anything and everything I wanted this past week. The happy thing is, I've not gained. Not lost, but not starved, either. It'll be fun to see what Dr. Kaplan's assistant says tomorrow. The doctor's wife knits, too, and all the time, according to him. After he told me that, I'd had my first disloyal to Hubby thought, ever. Neurologist husband = huge yarn budget. Thus, I asked beloved Hubby, "How do you feel about medical school, sweetness????" Thank you for the positive feedback, too! Those little squares are like potato chips, just one more and I'll stop. ;)

Hi commenter currently known as '*'. Don't you like Perfect Blue Buildings? Cammi Vog is cool. She deserves an edgy but old school punk song as a ringtone. One of my ringtones IS Stand And Deliver. I like most of his work, Prince Charming, Beat Me, Place In The Country, Wonderful. Americans only know Adam Ant from Goody Two Shoes, which is a real shame. I don't think it's his best.

My ringtone is the Nokia, but not because I'm lazy. After watching Trigger Happy Television on BBCAmerica, I love the tone. In the show, as a prank, the Nokia tune would sound out of this huge cellphone. The guy answers it with a "HELLO!" and everyone looks at him without trying to look. It makes me giggle when my phone goes off and I'm always looking for excuses to laugh.


Maenwyn said...

I loved the "charming". It made me smile.

I want to see the watermelon... get that camera charged, girlfriend.

ChelleC said...

Are you feeling better yet, or still have the headaches? That must be terrible. I have really bad sinus problems that can cause headaches, but I'm not plagued by migraines very often. Hope you get some relief soon. Chelle

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