Monday, June 05, 2006

I 'think' about blogging a lot more often than this, honest.

Ok, a quick update:

Friday, groceries and swimming.

Saturday, Sit, Sip, and Knit where I got to see the lovely yarns Carole and Mary found on their trips. Afterwards, I think I went on and on about how much yarn costs. I think I use the 'oh, I have to watch the budget' excuse to not add to the stash. Yes, to the yarnaholics, it sounds strange to try and limit yarnage, but there's only so much space in a house. So saying, "I can't afford that" sounds like I'm poormouthing it (something I really dislike), when it's really an effort to keep a compulsion under control. Maybe.

Sunday, we, Fry and I, went to the Army Reserve to 'pin on' Hubby. He is officially a Lieutenant Colonel. He's so cool. Everyone in his unit is really nice, I like them already, plus, we already knew his current commander from a prior assignment. After that, we picked up BBQ for Dad's party next Saturday. The samples they handed out at Sam's weren't enough, so we hit a hometown buffet. Yummmm. A diet buster for sure.

Thus leads us to today. Margene emailed me, saying that yes I am in the Trekking. Great! Because I'd signed up but not been added. Fry has a program to give at the Daughters of the American Revolution this afternoon. Since it's so close to Loose Park, I'm wanting to take her there and have a picture snapped of the Trekking as a first update. Won't that be cool? I'll have to find some lovely roses as a backdrop.

I'll have to update more later, my workout is almost on Fit TV. It's either now, or do this at 5:30pm, and I'd rather be worn out from running around in the park.

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