Tuesday, June 27, 2006

You want it, you got it!

Pictures! And lots of them!

First, the Watermelon Shawl in all its glory.

On the mimosa tree:

On the dining room table:

The Trekking sock is home at last. From Missouri, to Kansas, to Oklahoma, to Texas, then back again, the sock is here sitting on a bench next to our ponds out back. To the left of the sock are some rose moss plants needing a home. I'll find a place for them sometime today.

I love our back yard. Most of the trees are still very young, but in a few years, it'll be a lovely shady glen. I still have an oak tree and a honey locust to plant. You can't see it from here, but there's a little pine tree planted to the right, while a sweet gum is beyond the fence. Both aren't even a foot tall, yet. The small tree to the right is a bald cypress. With planting trees, I've read the newly planted sleep the first year, creep the second year, and leap the third year. I planted it late in the season, so it's leaping this year, as is the mimosa. Actually, this is the mimosa's second year of leaping. The magnolia is creeping, which is a relief. When the trees sleep, I'm always worried they've died. In the creep year, I'm thrilled, then in the leap, I'm amazed.

I love my Rio Samba roses. They're very resistant to black spot, which is a plague here.

Some lovely new stash from Sealed With a Kiss's bargain section. Do I have enough for another Gimme 5 vest??? Maybe I'll want to make a sweater, something cute with short sleeves? Too bad June's blues are about over. The grey is Dalegarn, for me to swatch and play with. I'm wanting to make a real Dale of Norway sweater, steeks and all.

A mini pond in the middle of the stream. Depending on how I place the rocks, it's very full or very shallow. The birds like shallow for bathing.

The big pond with waterlillies, then the stream, and at the top, the small pond and waterfall.

Can you guess my favorite colors in flowers???

Jellies and fruit preserves from Mom and Fry!

The white cosmos flower, close up.

Rio Samba close up.

June's blue project. Yeah, crappy picture, but isn't the English ivy pretty?

My knit and blogging space. This comfy chair is why I'm the shape I am. That, and possibly the Red Lobster coupons printed out on the floor. Ha!

A Noon P.S.: No more headache! This is the second headache free day in a month's time!! :D I'm so thrilled, I don't know what to do first. :D


ChelleC said...

Yeah, the watermelon shawl makes it's first appearance. It's lovely, as predicted.

What did you think of SWAK?

ChelleC said...

Oh, and guess what? I WILL be there this coming Saturday because I was wrong about the date on the Saturday class. Got that messed up. It's actually NEXT Sat the 8th. So I'll be there this week and will bring my GIMME 5 vest along. Fun, right?

Laura said...

Yay! You'll be there!

Hmmm, what did I think of SWAK? The ladies there are VERY nice. They loved Hubs. He followed me around so patiently, looking at everything. There was one hiccup when he took the quivit yarn out of my hand and put it back. Something to do with it being $69 a ball, I think.

What to say... I'm totally spoiled here in Kansas City. There's nothing at SWAK we can't get here, most of which are at the Northland store that just opened whose name I can never remember. Lots of what, novelty? Not the fun fur type, but not the bread and butter stuff, either. They did have Berocco's Hip Hop on a cart. You would have loved that! :D Still, it's a great store by any measure. I spent an hour in there, just looking.

Camie Vog said...

Wow! That shawl is amazing! Your yard looks beautiful, too!

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